Slegoon – sledding with a twist for the more affluent

slegoon.jpgImagine playing on your sled, enjoying all that frozen frolicking, and one of these bad boys whooshes past you (I do hope there’s some kind of brake mechanism in place). It’s the Slegoon, and it just laughs in the face of the bog-standard (and boring in comparison) sled. It’d be like getting a brand new pair of trainers or a new toy, and someone comes along with a better and more extravagant version of what you’ve got, rendering yours obsolete, which only means you then spend the next few weeks/months yearning for something you’re not going to get because “money doesn’t grow on trees” and you have to “make do with what you’ve got”.

Sled or Slegoon? I know which one I’d choose.

[via Gizmodo]

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Lucy Hedges

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