The Discreet vibrators are too cartoony for my liking


We’re no stranger to the sex toy here at Shiny, having previously shown you a gallery of weird looking vibes, a makeup bag full of faux cosmetics, and even a Hello Kitty vibrator. In all my time surfing for salaciousness I’ve never seen something as puzzling as this though. The Discreet Cartoon vibes are available in a variety of finishes and you can choose from the kawaii like Boy Toy, chef, soldier, stewardess and policewoman.

You can choose from male or female dolls vibrators and play away to your heart content. They are attractively priced and cutesy to look at, but I’m not sure how, um, good they’d be to use. No info on massaging speeds or rotations, but they are as cute as Hello Kitty on acid. Still, would you want your nether regions attended to by the saucy soldier? No, me neither.

$7.60 from Gigimo
[via Ask Alexia]

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Zara Rabinowicz


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