Customisable Blackberry wallpapers by celebrities who certainly aren't A-list

blackberry.jpgBlackberry brings you customisable and one-off ‘gift-wraps’ from a range of celebrities who I had to Google (bar Rachel Stevens) in order to garner a rough idea of their celebrity status. This collaboration sees Celia Birtwell (textile designer), Antoni and Alison (fashion designers), Ollie Evans (even Google couldn’t help with this one) and Ronzo (artist) create bespoke, Christmas-y inspired downloadable wallpapers for your Blackberry.

Want your very own celebrity (ish) designed wallpaper? Click here to get a’ downloading and find out the inspiration behind it. As Rachel Stevens was the only person that rang a bell, I’ve featured hers above. Rachel wanted to give hers “a real Christmassy feel” (which we already established from the theme, but clearly Rachel didn’t get the memo).

All wallpapers will be available until the end of January, when all remnants of Christmas should be well and truly gone until next year.

Check it out here

[via Girlie Gossip]

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Lucy Hedges