Youtube challenges you to make a "good" video

youtube_logo.jpgWell it’s not really Youtube behind this cleverly crafted and might I add fake competition viral – it’s the Onion. Just like the creative director of upcoming film The Disappearing Dress, who said she’s making a statement about our disappearing world and consumption habits with a dissolving dress worn by Alicia Dellal, the Onion is making a statement about the current state of Youtube and its mistreatment. By creating a spoof Youtube contest viral with a $100,000 prize fund, urging people to “make a good video that is actually worth watching”, the Onion is stressing the high levels of poorly filmed, lit, directed and scripted videos (i.e.crap) that make their way onto the ubiquitous video sharing site – such as filming your dog fart. This is further emphasised with statements such as:

“The only requirement for our winning video is that it be somewhat watchable and provide even a shred of enjoyment for people other than those who made the video. Because the idea of making a good video is new to so many of its users, Youtube offered a list of suggestions including, have some reason for making a video other than owning a camera… and shoot the video while sober”.

It’s a must see. Check it out after the jump…

It’s worth mentioning there are a few noteworthy and original videos residing on the Tube, but it’s fair to say the majority of the videos uploaded are more befitting to the crap heap which is what makes the viral all the more hilarious. But where would we be without our daily dosage of internet idiots dancing in their underwear, taking part in badly planned stunts and just generally making absolute idiots out of themselves? It’s the crap that makes us love Youtube as much as we do and waste precious work minutes watching the latest internet meme.

For the entertainment and realness factor you must watch it. I’d love to know if people have fallen for it (it even had me fooled for a moment). And I wonder if they’re working on their ‘good’ video right now?

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A ‘Good’ Video

[via The Onion]

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Lucy Hedges