The Zoombak GPS Locator is a fabulous way to keep tabs on your boyfriend


Now I trust my boyfriend, honest I do. He may occasionally run late/forget where we’re meeting/ smell suspiciously fragrant, but hey, he just likes to borrow my products right? But imagine if all this occurred and we didn’t have a mutual bond of trust and respect. I might be tempted to use the Zoombak to secretly keep tags on his whereabouts and check up on him… a LOT.

Say hello to the Zoombak, the credit card sized personal GPS, which, as it says in the marketing, ‘keeps track ‘real-time and on-demand’ of what matters to you most.

True, they suggest you use it on pets, teen drivers, cars, bikes but a boyfriend is just as valuable. Simply activate it online, and its position will be shown on the map. You can opt for either a standard road map or satellite view using Microsoft Virtual Earth

You can set alerts that run by email or text message that tell you when people have arrived at locations, for instance, ‘Zara has got to work’, or ‘X has arrived at this shop’. It would be useful if you had your bag stolen, but I’m not sure how Morse you’d like to get in tracking down the thief.

Ad you don’t need to use your computer to check as you can keep tabs on the device by your mobile, or by calling CUSTOMER SERVICE where a person will tell you where your device is.

It runs off A-GPS, the latest style GPS on the block which provides users with accurate location info and you have three options to choose from

You can either have the pet version, the car and family tracker version (with included adapters) or my favorite, the personal tracker. After all, they’re the ones who say it ‘will give people peace of mind of knowing where they are when they’re not with you!” Beware cheating spouses everywhere…

£99.99 from Zooombak plus a monthly fee of £9.99

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One thought on “The Zoombak GPS Locator is a fabulous way to keep tabs on your boyfriend

  • “Zoombak – a caring company that helps you protect your loved ones, or amoral ‘Business Model’ slaves who couldn’t care who lives or dies? here’s how they take care of their own……

    Zoombak the people whose motto is protect what matters to you most! Care for those you love! Promote themselves as a family oriented company, caring, offers peace of mind to parents, allows children security, protection from all that’s nasty in the world, well let workers for justice inform you good public exactly what these people at Zoombak are! Workers For Justice has learnt that the nice caring people at Zoombak do not exactly live up to their motto! WFJ have just learnt that Zoombak are currently being sued in High Court (UK) by a former high ranking employee for totally destroying his life! Zoombak are being sued for Personal Injury, Unfair Employment Practices, and malicious damages, this former employee suffered a crippling stroke whilst placed under undue stress at this company, bullied by the CEO of the company and left alone to work crippling 18 hour days with no support from the mothership! he was off work for just 2 weeks when the caring guys at Zoombak opened up talks with his devastated wife about redundancy and loss of position, This guy was still in the stroke unit being spoon fed!
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    Once the former employees family said no, the nice people at Zoombak carried out their threats and cancelled everything, didn’t pay him a penny and when contacted by representatives of the sick man their attitude was “SUE US” but then they can because Zoombak are owned by Liberty Media – a muliti billion dollar corporation! now let me inform all you moral, kind, decent people who have families of your own, this guy who had the stroke has lost his house, lost his health, lost his dignity, lost his pride, will never work again, cannot pay his bills, cannot afford to live and due to the pressure of the last 12 months and the injustice he has faced he suffered yet another debilitating stroke a month ago, his kids have seen their father hospitalized, in pain and reduced to nothing! Zoombak do not care about people, they do not care about families, they cannot, Zoombak have destroyed what mattered most to this guy!
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    Zoombak – Beware! Workers for justice will make you do the right thing!

    Matt Smith – Workers For Justice.

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