Woman auctions name on eBay – winner chooses name

Ebay.jpgHmmm this is normal! You’ve got issues with your name and regressing back to childhood only brings back traumatic memories of the name calling and feelings of being a misfit. So what do you do? You resent your parents of course for condemning you to a lifetime of isolation. But in a more practical approach you think about changing your name so you’re not forced to live a reclusive lifestyle with an abnormal amount of cats. So what’s the name of this cerazy person I hear you say? Gertrude? Fanny? Ivana Tankle? Amanda Huggenkiss? Nope, it’s Eileen De Bont. Perhaps it was the relentless renditions of Come On Eileen being sung at her on a daily basis that done it (?).

Eileen will let the winning bidder rename her and proceed to making it official by deed poll. I hope for her sake the winner’s not a prankster. Half of the money raised will go to Children In Need (surely there’s another way?), the rest, on Christmas. The kids will be spending their first Joyous Noel with mum’s new identity which could potentially be Scunthorpe Travelodge (completely her idea by the way). She’s completely comfortable with being named something ridiculous or after a company – if they bag the winning bid of course.

She says “Everyone thinks I’m wacky for doing this” – err you think?

[via Digital Spy)

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Lucy Hedges


  • I wasn’t aware it was just for a year – still that’s a long time to be called Scunthorpe Travelodge (if that was the name picked). There are other ways to raise money for charity that are deemed different that do not involve the complete lifestyle change Eileen is about to embark on. I’m all for charity, but not to leave the future of your name in the hands of a stranger – even if it’s just for year.

  • She’s only changing her name for a year and the winner has to pick from 50 suggestions.
    It seems to just be part of Children In Need’s ‘Do Something Different’ so, really not that silly at all.

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