Macbook fanboy teases other fanboys with Macbook Nano


The announcement of a netbook Mac would make any Apple fanboys day, which is probably how a few of them felt when they clapped eyes on this mini Mac. It would have probably taken them a few seconds for it to register that the Macbook Nano is a fake, and then… the wave of disappointment. Sadly, it doesn’t exist.

Someone with (it’s fair to say) *a lot* of time on their hands thought it’d be a good idea to create the geeky gadget equivalent of porn by transforming their MSI U100 netbook into a miniature Macbook for Macbook fans to drool over. If you find yourself still coveting the fictitious Macbook Nano, you could always buy an MSI netbook and complete the transformation yourself. You will however need *a lot* of spare time.


[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges