The Keyboard for Blondes makes my blood boil


Ooh, a keyboard that demands a sense of humour! How fab!! The space bar says ‘I need my space’ and the Delete key is labelled ‘Oops!‘ Wow!! This is like, sooo much fun. And it’s pink- or hadn’t you noticed?? In the ten reasons why you must have one they’ve listed that it’s ‘better looking than some of your co-workers’ and that ‘It’s an excuse for the cute guy in your office to talk to you’. Yay!! Finally, a reason!!

You must check out the site though, as it’s too bizarre for words.

See a video after the jump

Enjoy the Paris Hilton references!

$49.95 from Keyboard for Blondes

See here for more keyboards

Zara Rabinowicz


  • bought one 10 days ago and have not gotten it. when i track it it says billing has been recieved my cc has been charged. no reply to email and straight to voicemail when you call

  • ZOMG! where in the world do I live!
    TAB and (possibly ALT) is useless keys?
    I thought you just kidding, I can’t believe my eyes I almost pop it out!
    TFW with all those “u-s-e-l-e-s-s-(F8)-k-e-y-s”??

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