The Girl Tech Stylin Studio targets the Bratz generation

I’ve never been a huge fan of makeover sites as I find they often produce rather strange colours and aren’t very realistic. All that faffing around taking a picture of yourself with your hair tied back seems like a lot of effort to me, but considering this kit is currently half price I wonder if it would be worth having a try. And there’s a camera integrated into the Styling Studio- score!

So how does this work? Upload a picture of yourself, and then adjust your hair and makeup via the touchpad. The most entertaining part is the fact that you can display your creations on your computer and then email your final pics to your friends to entertain them with images of you with green hair.

You can adjust your hair, makeup and clothing as well as print out pictures of the ‘new improved you’, which is great if you’re toying with the idea of changing hair colour but want to be reassured first.

I think this would be great gift for those who love updating their Facebook pictures and it sounds like a good way to waste an evening or two. It’s £38.44 from AMAZON now.

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Zara Rabinowicz