The Asus 700, 900 and equally small Eee PCs are to be no more


If you want to get your mitts on a netbook with screen smaller than 10-inches, that bears the Asus name, you’d better hurry up – the president of Asus has confirmed the company is intending to get rid of its older and smaller Eee PC models in favour of larger and more recent models such as the 1002HA model and S101. And it has no plans to unleash anymore netbooks with a display size of 10-inches or under.

Considering Asus has been the no frills netbook pioneers since last year and is more-or-less responsible for the popularity and growth of netbooks in general, it’s a bit of a confusing and saddening decision.

The phasing out of the smaller models begins with the introduction of a $200 model for our American chums. I’d like to think they won’t forget about us, so perhaps it’ll be making its way in our direction not long after.

[via Tech Digest]

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Lucy Hedges