Customising cards is not only fun but lucrative too

Besoke_cards.jpgMoon Pig isn’t the only card customizing service in town offering totally spiffing greeting cards. Creating your own cards is fast becoming popular amongst creative folk who like adding a personal touch to their cards. There are two services that spring to mind – Photobox and Touchnote. Both are bespoke card services, offering a more personal and customised way to say Happy Birthday, Good Luck or Good Riddance (whatever floats your boat).

The main difference between the two is Photobox offers users the chance to earn a bit of cash from the comforts of their own home by selling and earning royalties from their designs online. So essentially, this means you can run your own greeting cards operation free of charge. This is all done from a greeting card gallery which will need to be set up by the user. So if you’ve always taken a dislike to the cards available in shops muttering the line “I could do better than that” – this is your chance to shine.

The other bespoke card service is Touchnote which doesn’t allow room for as much creativity as Photobox, but boasts easy and quick creation. Touchnote is a little more creatively limited than Photobox as the service is photo oriented only and also won’t earn you any royalties. The basic idea of the Touchnote service is to use your own digital pics to create a more personal greeting card that you’ll be able to upload and personalise within minutes.

Cards of all kinds can be soooo boring. What a great way to inject a bit of fun and exclusivity into your Christmas greetings this year.

For more information on Photobox click here

Check out Touch note here


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Lucy Hedges