Thursday Tech Tip: Spreeder

We’re all terribly Busy and Important People, right? We can’t possibly spend the time reading things like this in the normal fashion. We’ve got places to go (the sandwich shop), people to see (the man who works at the sandwich shop). We need Spreeder.

It’s an online speed reader application that will allow you to paste text into it and then deliver it to you word by word. I found that despite thinking I’d miss massive chunks, I actually read more thoroughly, since I wasn’t skipping words the same way I would if I read it on a page. I also found that my eye developed a tick, but I’m sure that’s nothing…

Check it out here.

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Susi Weaser

One thought on “Thursday Tech Tip: Spreeder

  • There is also . I find their speed reading solution a lot easier on the eyes and its very easy to use. Right now they just let you speed read the news, but they just sent out a newsletter yesterday saying that they are implementing a document upload feature so we can all blast through our own documents. Pretty cool

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