Radiopaq Rp5 lets you take your internet radio from desk to den

Radiopaq reckon they’ve harnessed the Power of Radio today, with the launch of the Rp5. It’s an all singing, all dancing internet, DAB and FM radio. In particular, they’re pushing the search feature, since previous internet radios have been a navigational nightmare.

There’s predictive search, allowing the radio to guess what it is you’re going for, or you can search by name, genre, country or language. There’s a massive podcast directory as well, for those of you with a Russell Brand fetish. And by those of you, I mean me, obviously.

The best bit though, is the fact that you can pause your radio and resume listening on the Radiopaq portal at your computer. It’s a bit like time travel, but without Dr Who.

The Radiopaq portal is a place online for you to bookmark all your favourite internet radio stations, discover new and awesome things, and to get updates on things like weather and travel. Organise stuff here, and it’ll be replicated in a similar layout on your radio.

Given that the Rp5 totes a hefty £250 price tag, you’re really going to want to take advantage of the Radiopaq portal. However, if you’re a heavy radio user, or have heavy radio aspirations (don’t we all?), it’s certainly worth being an early adopter with this one.


Susi Weaser