Let your iPhone decide if you're Fit 2 Vote

I’m not American, but I’m pretty sure that I’ve watched enough coverage of the forthcoming presidential election to warrant a vote in it. This Fit2Vote app for the iPhone has only strengthened my resolve to get the US voting laws bent for me.

You’re posed with a number of statements, and you have to tilt the phone to the left if you think it’s an Obama quote, or the right if you think it’s a McCain quote. Get 50 correct, and you’re declared ‘Fit to vote’ (and reminded to get your arse down to a polling station on the 4th November).

Although this looks like a silly game, it might actually be a fantastic way to engage people in politics. I’m unlikely to sit down with a campaign leaflet willingly, but give me a quiz and an iPhone and I’m yours forever.

I might even be persuaded to pay the 59p the application costs…

Susi Weaser

One thought on “Let your iPhone decide if you're Fit 2 Vote

  • I totally get this game. I bought it. I played it till I “won” then I went through the other 100 quotes. Inspired, said they will update every two weeks with new quotes. Very smart.

    Now I want to see Fit 2 Vote for the VP slot too. I hate the propaganda and the news. Just let me see what they have to say… and quiz me by all means. Cool app for me… played it while at a sushi bar!!!

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