Happy Olympic Ping Pong day!

Today is the day of Olympic Ping Pong, and we couldn’t let a chance to celebrate that slip through our fingers, now could we? It would be remiss, and an insult to the good name of Ping Pong. And Forrest Gump would be very upset.

Whilst this might look like a contemporary of that lovely Korean canary yellow ball, it’s actually a camera. And a MP3 player. And a ball to hang around your neck. Wowzers!

The idea is that you hang it round your neck, leaving it to record you going about your day, JustinTV style. It records to SD card, so whilst you can’t upload it straight from your neck, you can wack it in your ‘puter and update all those on the edge of their seats fairly easily.

To order, you’ll need to be able to speak Japanese, but you can do that, right?

[via Tech Digest]

Susi Weaser