The MX-W1 wireless headphones will give you Kleer sound


The problem I find with headphones is the wires. No matter what the manufacturers do to the cord, you’re still guaranteed that at some point tangles will ensue. The wireless ‘phones on offer often provide you with rather tinny noise, with a reduction of bass clarity.

You’ll love the MX-W1 then, as it’s a portable wireless headphone system with top of the range CD-quality audio. They’re compatible with iPhones, iPods and anything with a 3.5mm jack, as well as having 13 hours of use on a single charge.


So how do they do this? Well they’ve opted for ‘Kleer’ wireless technology rather than the standard Bluetooth as they say it’s ten times more efficient. This transmits at 2.37MB/s peak bit rate to ensure you get crystal clear sound that’s perfectly synched with whatever videos you choose to play.

The downside is that this comes at a price, one that may prove too enormous for the majority of audiophiles. The carrying case also acts as a charger, which means you’re unlikely to lose them, and these tiny ear buds weigh in at 10 grams each. They should easily slot into the ear, as they’re utilizing Sennhesiser’s Twist to Fit technology (a fancy way for saying squeeze) and feature 14mm transducers for optimum sound.

£299.99 from Sennhesier soon

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Zara Rabinowicz