Edifier Audio to launch in the UK


You know how Brits like to complain? We get everything later than our overseas friends and at an inflated price. Thankfully some of this angst can now dissipate because Edifier, the makers of high quality affordable audio products are finally getting an airing on our not so sunny shores. Pictured above are four products that you can expect to see in stores in the not too distant future. We have the Audio Storage 3, complete with iPod dock, LCD display and SD and USB slots, which will retail for under £150. I’m quite fond of the MP300 Plus, the portable laptop speakers.. with a subwoofer.

Then there’s the Rainbow system, a portable speaker that reminds me of the B-Tube and the Sound Sphere 5, the impressive speaker-cum-dock you can see in the picture. So far we have no dates or prices confirmed, but we thought it would be nice to keep you in the loop. There isn’t even a UK site yet, but you can check out the US one here.

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Zara Rabinowicz