Hauppauge offers you Freeview on the move with MyTV


Don’t you hate it when the only TV in the gym is firmly switched onto Sky Sports? It totally puts me off my workout and that’s never a good thing. Having this fab Freeview portable TV in front of me would really help, as I could catch up on my Hollyoaks oblivious to the grunting men around me.

It boasts a 3.6 QVGA screen and has a DVB-T TV receiver built in. There’s an extendable antenna you can adjust for the best reception (perhaps don’t use this on the treadmill). You can use SD cards to store music and files on the device and it takes up to 32GB.

This Hauppauge unit will play the majority of video and music files, and also display your JPEG images. It has an AV out so you can connect it to your TV, and the rechargeable battery lasts around 4 hours. It has two internal speakers, or you can opt for privacy with headphones.

I’m impressed with the options and offer and for this price you can’t really complain.

£139.99 from Scan

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Zara Rabinowicz


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