Waterfield suede MacBook jacket

7 best cases (so far) for the new MacBook

The trouble with being the earliest of early adopters is that when you get your gleaming new piece of kit and want to guard it with all the passion of a tiger mom, there are barely any cases on the market yet to do the job. So in the interests of protecting your thinner-than-ever new MacBook 12″, we’ve hunted out the best/only cases and sleeves currently available for it.

Hard Graft Folio Laptop Case

7 best cases (so far) for the new MacBook: part two

4. Gambolex 12-inch Laptop Bag It's not specifically made for the new MacBook's dimensions, but this sturdy 12-inch laptop bag with carry handle by Gambolex should do the job just fine. £11.99 from Amazon   5. Suoran New MacBook 12 Inch Wool Sleeve Utilitarian chic, this brown wool sleeve doesn't have a lot of fancy…
WhatsApp iPhone blocking

How to block someone on WhatsApp

WhatsApp? NOT YOU, MATEY. Here’s how to block someone on WhatsApp using an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia or Windows Phone.

David Wham-eron

10 hilarious Tumblrs to follow part two: House of Carbs, London Grumblr

6. London Grumblr An oldie but always a goodie, London Grumblr manages to express our every emotion in glorious gif form. Particularly strong on: tube etiquette, hangovers, Fridays.   7. Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos Just in case you weren't depressed enough about the state of the property market. Oh, you were? Too late.   8. Telegrams…
LinkedIn block

How to block someone on LinkedIn

Even the world’s premier professional boasting site isn’t free of creeps and spammers – not to mention everyone you were at primary school with pretending ‘workiversaries’ are a real thing. But just like other social networks, you can delete and block those contacts to your heart’s content…

Desi Perkins eyebrows

How to get natural-looking eyebrows: 5 definitive YouTube brow tutorials

Eyebrows have gone berserk over the past few years. And while the craze for Cara-inspired caterpillars is cooling off, there’s still a huge demand for fuller, shapelier brows – and just as much mystery around how you actually achieve them. So we found five of the best YouTube tutorials to boost every type of brow.

Favourite food, fashion and beauty Instagrammers

15 of our favourite beauty, fashion and food accounts to follow on Instagram

Sometimes you need inspiration, sometimes you need hot tips – and sometimes you just want to gaze at impossibly beautiful photographs of sunsets, lipsticks, full skirts and flat whites while you’re standing in someone’s armpit on the bus. So we’ve rounded up our favourite fashion, beauty and food Instagrammers to give your feed a spring boost. Flex that scrolling thumb and enjoy.