7 best cases (so far) for the new MacBook

The trouble with being the earliest of early adopters is that when you get your gleaming new piece of kit and want to guard it with all the passion of a tiger mom, there are barely any cases on the market yet to do the job. So in the interests of protecting your thinner-than-ever new MacBook 12″, we’ve hunted out the best/only cases and sleeves currently available for it.

In the immortal words of Henry Ford, you can have any colour… as long as it’s black. Or grey. Or brown.

1. WaterField MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve

Waterfield suede MacBook jacket

Sleek and snug with a neoprene and ‘stretch memory’, this sleeve from WaterField comes in the exact specifications for your sexy new MacBook. You can even choose between horizontal or vertical format – the only snag is you’re going to need to ship it in from America.

£16 approx. from WaterField


2. Snugg MacBook 12 Leather Sleeve

MacBook 12 Snugg sleeve

It’s not going to win any avant garde design awards, but the sleek, reliable Snugg sleeve for MacBook 12 will cradle your MacBook tenderly while it rattles about in your bag. We’re eagerly awaiting other colours.

£29.99 from The Snugg


3. Protector Incredible Shield for MacBook

MacBook Protector Shield

If you’re more concerned about smudges and nicks than bumps and bruises, this invisible thermoplastic urethane film from Spigen will keep your MacBook 12″ nicely protected without concealing its true beauty.

£34.99 from Spigen

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Lauren Bravo