How to block someone on Facebook

How exactly can you banish someone from your Facebook realm, and what exactly happens when you do?

Right, let’s say you want to block this guy Total Noob, because you had one mediocre date in 2011 but he still comments on every photo you ever, as well as sending weekly messages that just say ‘how’s u?’ with a winky emoji. Let’s say that.

To block Total Noob: first, go to the little padlock menu icon in the top right hand corner. A dropdown of privacy shortcuts will appear. On the iPhone and Android apps, this little padlock can be found in More > Settings instead.
Facebook block step 1


Next, click on ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me?’ at the bottom of the list. A box will appear.

Facebook block step 2


Next, PUT THEM IN THE BOX. Not literally, as that might be a bigger logistical challenge than just blocking them on Facebook.

Facebook block step 3


Click ‘block’ and a list of potential users will appear. Hopefully Total Noob will be at the top, along with a few other Total Noobs, Totes Noobs and Total McNoobisons from elsewhere.

Facebook block step 4

Click ‘Block’ next to his name, and lo, Total Noob is blocked.


Alternatively, if you’re not friends, their name is common and they DON’T appear…

Go to their profile instead, and click on the ‘…’ on the right hand side of their cover photo. On the iPhone and Android mobile apps, these three dots will be on the far right just below their cover photo.

Facebook block alternative step 1

Click ‘Block’, and Facebook will double-check you’re serious…

Facebook block alt step 2


Click ‘Confirm’, and lo, Total Noob is blocked.


What does this actually mean?

They’re automatically unfriended. If you decide to unblock them later, you’ll need to re-add them as a friend too. If you want to.

They won’t be notified that you’ve blocked them. But they might work it out for themselves when they try to take a look at your profile or send you a message and discover they can’t.

They can’t:

  • See your profile, things you post on your profile, or comments you make on other people’s posts.
  • Tag you.
  • Invite you to events or groups.
  • Start a conversation with you.
  • Add you as a friend.
  • Find you in Facebook search.


They still CAN:

  • Pop up on your newsfeed if they tag someone you’re friends with in a photo, or if someone you’re friends with adds a photo with them in it.
  • Exist in old comments on your profile, unless you delete these too.
  • Exist in your messages inbox, on old messages they sent before you blocked them.
  • Crop up on events pages or in groups if you’re both members.
  • Play the same games as you, which might mean you encounter them in a Facebook game or app environment. These are run by outside developers, so the blocking doesn’t necessarily apply.
  • Find your profile in Google – but they won’t be able to see it if they click through.


Take THAT, Total Noob! Happy blocking, everyone.

Lauren Bravo