Apple HomePod will have smart display, Elon Musk calls for Wikipedia name change

(Image credit: Kosutami / X)

Earlier this year we reported that Apple was working on a HomePod with a smart display in the top of the device – something that’s been rumoured on and off since 2021. And now that very device has leaked. The image above was posted to X/Twitter by a user called Kosutami who, as MacRumors reports, has a good track record in leaking Apple products.  The first thing you’ll notice about the leaked image is that the display is much bigger than the 3.5-inch touch panel (it’s not a touchscreen; it’s a panel with a few LEDs beneath it) in the current HomePod.

Hikvision, the Chinese surveillance firm identified by the UK government as a security threat, has “recommitted” to Britain after receiving clarification that a ban on its cameras being positioned at sensitive sites does not extend to public authorities or police stations. In a message to clients, the Chinese state-owned company, whose equipment is prohibited in the US on national security grounds, said the new guidance would allow it to “move forward with our mission”. The Guardian 

Elon Musk has made an unusual offer to Wikipedia, pledging to donate a billion dollars if the free information website agrees to change its name. Asking Wikipedia and its co-founder Jimmy Wales to change the name to ‘Dickipedia’, the Tesla chief executive officer’s proposition was shared on social media. He followed up the offer by asking if the website could “please add that to the [cow and poop emojis] on my wiki page”, before claiming it was “in the interests of accuracy”. ProActiveInvestors 

Apple’s iPhone 15 launch may not be its final play of the year. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple could debut its long-awaited new iMac model before the end of the month. As discussed in his Power On newsletter, Gurman claims that the iMac product launch may occur early next week, on Monday, October 30, or Tuesday, October 31. Notably, this lines up with his March 2023 report that claimed a 24-inch Arm-powered iMac model could land in the final half of 2023. Android Authority

Owning a classic car is a sensory experience. Purists say it’s the feel of the leather, the smell of the fuel, the growl of the engine that brings a classic car to life. But on an industrial estate in Newtown, mid-Wales, that growl is silenced. Three Ferrari Testa Rossas, a Maserati Ghibli and a Land Rover are all getting their old engines ripped out and electric motors put in.”We’re future-proofing classic cars to be able to be used regularly.” Sky News  

People of a certain age will remember growing up with this debate dominating conversations at school in the ’90s. Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog led the gaming charts back then, and ultimately became two of the most recognisable faces in the industry, spanning countless spin-offs and even recent feature films. The debate began to fade as the mascots moved into 3D games, and has now all but vanished as they both star in tie-in games for the Olympics. But the rivalry may yet be speeding back after a landmark event, with the two rivals having released games in the same week for the first time for more than 30 years. BBC 

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