Disinformation most active on X, iPhone 15 Pro is overheating claim users

X, formerly Twitter, has the biggest proportion of disinformation of six big social networks, a European Commission study has suggested. It examined over 6,000 unique social media posts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, X, and YouTube. The study analysed content in three countries deemed particularly at risk to disinformation – Spain, Poland and Slovakia. The BBC has approached X for comment. “My message for [X] is: you have to comply with the hard law. We’ll be watching what you’re doing,” the EU’s Values and Transparency Commissioner Vera Jourova warned. BBC 

Meta has “surrendered” the lease on one of its London offices as tech firms continue efforts to slash costs. The parent firm of Facebook and Instagram let the space at 1 Triton Square from British Land, the FTSE 250 commercial property company, in 2021 but never moved in. Meta paid £149m to break the lease, which was understood by analysts at BNP Paribas to have 18 years left to run. British Land said that despite the payment, the company’s exit would reduce its earnings per share by 0.6% over the six months to next March. Sky News 

If you just bought a swanky new iPhone 15 Pro, maybe be careful about using it for strenuous activities like filming 4K videos. That’s because reports are flooding in online accusing the new flagship (which otherwise seems excellent) of becoming hot to the point of physical discomfort. People like Ian Zelbo of 9to5Mac have reported the phenomenon, which seems to be a very real thing. However, customer testimonials on Twitter aren’t enough data. Thankfully, the folks over at Android Authority ran detailed tests with a temperature gun and found that it’s not an illusion. Mashable

The Federal Trade Commission, along with the attorneys general from 17 states, have accused Amazon in a major antitrust lawsuit of illegally shutting out competition to become one of the world’s most powerful companies. The landmark case presents a significant threat to Amazon’s dominance in the online retail industry, and a major test of antitrust law and the FTC’s power. At the core of the case is whether Amazon used its immense power in the online retail industry to illegally disadvantage rivals. Guardian 

Nissan-led autonomous driving project will target the UK’s residential and single-track rural roads in a push to make the country more equipped to introduce self-driving vehicles. Launched today, the evolvAD project will test a fleet of adapted Nissan Leafs over the next 21 months to assess if self-driving vehicles can be used outside of cities and in less-connected areas. Fitted with Nissan’s advanced autonomous tech, the electric cars will utilise infrastructure such as CCTV in residential areas to improve situational awareness. Autocar 

A French billionaire has put further pressure on Rishi Sunak’s artificial intelligence (AI) summit after announcing plans for a rival conference in Paris just a fortnight later. Xavier Niel, the telecoms mogul and co-owner of French paper Le Monde, has launched a bid to woo AI companies to France with what he has dubbed Europe’s “leading AI conference”.The billionaire’s Iliad Group will host a gathering of AI professionals sponsored by chipmaker Nvidia on Nov 17 in Paris, 15 days after the UK hosts tech leaders at Bletchley Park to discuss the risks posed by the new technology. Telegraph 

Chris Price