Twitter to prevent blocking users, driverless cars removed after accident

Users of X (formerly Twitter)
will not be able to block people from seeing their posts or leaving comments, Elon Musk has said. The social media platform owner said the function “makes no sense” – adding that it will only be possible to block someone from sending direct messages. In the shake-up to the app, users will now only be able to mute individuals, which allows someone to remove another account’s posts from their timeline, without unfollowing or blocking them. The user’s posts remain visible to the muted account. Sky News 

Elon Musk, the owner of the app formerly known as Twitter, has said the social media site “may fail”, after a glitch caused pictures posted before December 2014 to be deleted. In a post on the site, renamed X, Musk said: “The sad truth is that there are no great ‘social networks’ right now.” He added: “We may fail, as so many have predicted, but we will try our best to make there be at least one.” The Guardian 


Dozens of driverless cars have been taken off the road in San Francisco after a “robotaxi” crashed into a fire engine last week. Cruise, the driverless car subsidiary of General Motors, has been ordered to reduce the size of its self-driving fleet in the city by half after the collision. The company had around 100 vehicles operating during the day and 300 at night, when there is less traffic, so will have 50 and 150 respectively under the reductions. The order to shrink down operations follows a collision between a Cruise cab and a fire engine that had its sirens on last Thursday. Telegraph

A cargo ship fitted with giant, British-designed special wind-powered sails has set out on its maiden voyage. Shipping firm Cargill, which has chartered the vessel, hopes the technology will help the industry chart a course towards a greener future. Using the wing-sized rigid WindWings sails aims to cut fuel consumption and therefore shipping’s carbon footprint. It is estimated the industry is responsible for about 2.1% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The Pyxis Ocean’s first journey will be from China to Brazil – and will provide the first real-world test of the wind-wing technology. BBC

Amazon is introducing a new same-day delivery fee for Prime users if their total order is less than £20. Members, who already pay monthly for the “Prime” service, will need to pay £1.99 if their order is below the threshold and they want it to be delivered that day. The retail giant sent an email to Prime members about the new charge, which will apply from September 18, 2023. The email states: “Same-day delivery can be selected at checkout, but there will be a fee of £1.99 per delivery for orders under £20. GB News 

Tesla is on a march across Europe, extending the reach of its V4 Supercharging stations. The latest additions include the United Kingdom and Norway, signaling more than just a geographical expansion. The real story behind these new installations lies in the ingenious engineering within the chargers. A peek inside reveals that Tesla has utilized every inch of space within the tall, boxy shape of the dispensers. It’s a visual testament to efficiency and design. Gizmochina 

Chris Price