10 of of the Best Images from British Photographers

Underground Blooms – a unique perspective of the London underground, photographed by Mark Higham in Lambeth, UK

To celebrate British photographers, CEWE has released a collection of new images showcasing people and nature across the globe, all taken by UK photographers, from the CEWE Photo Award.

The 10 snaps were submitted in last year’s competition, which aimed to celebrate the best in photography across the globe. The competition was open to everyone – from keen amateur photographers to established professionals.

Entrants were asked to submit photos that celebrated the competition’s ‘Our World is Beautiful’ theme. There were 10 categories for budding photographers to enter – from aerial shots and animals to landscapes, travel and culture.

In spring this year, the CEWE Photo Award returns for a fifth year, where photographers across the globe will once again be able to submit entries across 10 categories highlighting the true beauty of the world around us.

A photo expert at CEWE UK, says:

“The CEWE Photo Award aims to celebrate all types of photography and all photographers. Here, we’re pleased to be able to share such stunning images captured by UK photographers, showcasing unique and wonderful perspectives from across the globe.

Below, CEWE shares some of its favourite submissions from UK photographers across various categories from its most recent competition.


Family love – two children cover their eyes as their parents lovingly embrace, by Lynsey Clearly in Houghton, UK

Desert – a group make their way across the desert on camels, photographed by Roy Stout in Sahara, Morocco

Unique bonds – a portrait of a mother and child captured by Javad Rezaei Salanghouch in Mashhad, Iran

A splash of colour – a mother is on lookout to protect her young, captured by Pete Stevens in Isle of May, UK

Wildflower – a young girl dances through a field of blooming daises, photographed by Lynsey Clearly in Luton, UK

Jumping for joy – a brightly dressed man expresses himself by jumping in the air, photographed by Grigorev Ivan in Gomel, Belarus

Fall colours – beautifully coloured trees surround a lone driver on their travels, photographed by Vitaly Golovatyuk in Vladivostok, Russia

Two generations – a portrait of a granddaughter and grandmother captured by Phillip James in Barton On Sea, UK

Underground blooms – a unique perspective of the London underground, photographed by Mark Higham in Lambeth, UK

King penguins – a group of penguins take a stroll along the beach, captured by Martin Priestley in Stanley, Falkland Islands

For more information about the CEWE Photo Award visit: https://www.cewe.co.uk/cewe-photo-award.html


Chris Price