ShinyShiny snippets: Apple expected to announce ‘green-coloured iPhone 13’

Apple’s first event of 2022 will begin later today at 6PM UTC, where it’s expected to announce the new iPhone SE and a refreshed iPad Air. However, a new report claims these won’t be the only products Apple will talk about at the event, as the company will introduce new color options for the iPhone 13 and iPad Air and unveil Mac Studio and a new display. Word comes from YouTuber Luke Miani, who says Apple will announce a green-colored iPhone 13 and a purple iPad Air. Miani shared renders of both products in their new colors, which you can check out below. GSM Arena 

iPhone 13 in green color iPad Air in purple color
iPhone 13 in green color • iPad Air in purple color

Honda and Sony will form a partnership to develop and sell electric vehicles (EVs), with the first model expected by 2025. The two Japanese firms have signed a memorandum of understanding and plan to launch a new company before the end of the year. Honda will be responsible for manufacturing the new vehicles and managing aftersales, while Sony will develop a mobility service platform. Toshihiro Mibe, director, president, representative executive officer and CEO at Honda Motor Co, said: “The New Company will aim to stand at the forefront of innovation, evolution, and expansion of mobility around the world, by taking a broad and ambitious approach to creating value that exceeds the expectations and imagination of customers. Fleetnews 

A YouTube technology reviewer Bon Wulff has performed a five-months long test of its Nintendo Switch OLED console, trying to estimate the burn-in problem in the device’s AMOLED display. He used a static image, running it for hours, checking for any visible burn-in issues. It turns out that it took 3,600 hours of nonstop projection of the single image for the AMOLED to exhibit any visible burn-in problems. This is an extreme test, which is a great testament to the durability of modern AMOLED displays, and a great reassurance to all the consumers who are worried about OLED display burn-in. The Nintendo Switch OLED has a 7-inch 1280×720 AMOLED display, produced by Samsung. OLEDInfo

Russia’s internet crackdown has been almost immediate. In the last few days, Facebook, Twitter and Western news websites have been blocked by Roskomnadzor, the state communications regulator. Netflix has taken its service offline voluntarily. The Kremlin has ordered government websites to take steps to ensure they can keep functioning if Russia is cut off from the rest of the world. The country seems to be the latest and most severe casualty in a worldwide phenomenon coined the “splinternet”, in which access to what was once the world wide web has become balkanised by competing national interests. Telegraph 

Tensions between Russia’s space program and western nations due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine became more personal over the weekend, as Dmitry Rogozin, director-general of the Russian Space agency Roscosmos engaged in an argument with US astronaut Scott Kelly on Twitter before blocking Capt. Kelly on the social media website. While Nasa and ESA officials issued carefully worded statements about international cooperation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, Mr Rogozin issued defiant and combative statements to the press and on Twitter, some of which have grown increasingly unhinged in recent days. Independent 

The Amazon is approaching a tipping point, data shows, after which the rainforest would be lost with “profound” implications for the global climate and biodiversity. Computer models have previously indicated a mass dieback of the Amazon is possible but the new analysis is based on real-world satellite observations over the past three decades. Novel statistical analysis shows that more than 75% of the untouched forest has lost stability since the early 2000s, meaning it takes longer to recover after droughts and wildfires. The Guardian



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