Revealed: the top 10 scrapbook ideas in the UK

The top 10 most popular scrapbook ideas in the United Kingdom have been revealed. The research was collated by scrapbook design experts Design Bundles. They used internet search data to find out which scrapbook design search terms were most popular.

It was revealed that baby scrapbooks are by far the most searched-for. During December the search term baby scrapbook was searched for 1,600 times. There were 600 more searches for baby scrapbooks than the second most popular scrapbook.

This is perhaps not surprising, as having a child is a monumental moment in the lives of parents. A baby book is a perfect way to encapsulate the treasured memories of their child’s early life. Browsing through scrapbook pages is a great way for parents to reminisce, and for older kids to find out what they were like as babies.

Below are the top ten scrapbooking ideas.

Top 10 Scrapbook Ideas UK

Combined Rank Scrapbook Idea Average searches each month.
October, November, December
1 Baby Scrapbook 1,600
2 Couples Scrapbook 1,000
3 Wedding Scrapbook 1,000
4 Travel Scrapbook 880
5 Best friend Scrapbook 590
6 Harry Potter Scrapbook 390
7 Pregnancy Scrapbook 320
8 Recipe Scrapbook 320
9 Anniversary Scrapbook 260
10 Birthday Scrapbook 260

What are the most popular scrapbook ideas?

Couples Scrapbook

Couples Scrapbooks came second on the list with 1000 searches in December. This is not surprising as couples would be thinking about gifts to give loved ones for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day. What better way to show your partner that you love them, and treasure their memories than by creating a couple’s scrapbook.

Seemingly small tokens such as ticket stubs can inspire a wealth of emotion – it may be a reminder of a first date for example. Gift tags can stir memories of the first gifts they ever bought each other. Pictures can help lovers relive silly, intimate, or even passionate moments shared together.

A blank space can soon become a loving expression of creative memories, solidifying shared times together. It can be so much fun that couples could even do it together, perhaps on Valentine’s day as a quirky date.

Wedding Scrapbook

Following the trend of romance, wedding scrapbooks are the third most popular scrapbook with 1000 searches. This is a brilliant idea to keep moments of their special day when two lovers became one family.

This could include:

  • Signatures from the visit book
  • Ribbons, embellishments used to decorate
  • Pressed flowers
  • Images
  • Photos of their new life after the wedding
  • Words that were spoken during the day

Travel Scrapbook for Wanderlusters

Travel scrapbooks are the fourth most popular scrapbook with 880 searches each month. A travel scrapbook is highly likely to be the most visually striking of all the scrapbook ideas. This of course depends on where someone has travelled to. This is likely to be filled with photos of the beautiful background that is nature.

Beautiful flowers, white sandy beaches, mountains, waterfalls, stunning animals, and impressive architecture. Not to mention the quirky shops and pubs you may visit, or the exquisite food you may like to remember. The options are endless. If you travel, you can make a travel scrapbook.

Best friend Scrapbook ranked number five

Best friend Scrapbooks complete the top five most popular scrapbooking ideas with 590 searches. Similar to the couple’s scrapbook, this will celebrate shared memories among friends. For example, a scrapbook page could be filled with holidays shared together, birthdays, parties, or days out.

This could be used as a heartfelt yet inexpensive gift.

How do I start scrapbooking?

With the Design Bundles top 10 chart showing the most popular scrapbooks, many will be itching to start crafting. But, how and where do you start? Firstly it is important to choose your theme. Although the above top ten can give you some inspiration, the theme can be about anything you want.

It is then time to choose the form and size of the scrapbook itself. Many will choose a photo album, travel journal, memory planner, or ring binder. Some forms will give a different shape, layout, size, or different paper. Before you start crafting it may be wise to google different designs for ideas and inspiration.

Of course, you will need the correct tools before you start such as:

  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Pocket pages
  • Embellishments
  • Stickers
  • Tape, washi tape
  • Glue sticks

Select your base page. For example, you may be happy with the plain background of a journal or you may want to use more decorative scrapbook paper. Choose your layout rather than just placing things anywhere, try to visualize what you want to achieve before creating. Try to think of creative ways to bring your layout to life.

The most important thing is just to start scrapping and have fun. Don’t worry too much about the design or the specifics, just enjoy the creative process. However, there are some tips to add interest to your scrapbook pages and make them stand out.

Scrapbook Inspiration

For travel scrapbooks, maps are an excellent focal point that can be used as a background for a scrapbook page. Small memories such as a favorite recipe can be hidden in envelopes. This develops the scrapbook pages without taking emphasis away from the central visual interest.

Another idea is to cut photographs into different shapes to add visual interest. Just remember to only use copies. Flowers can be pressed to add texture and bright colors. This may also represent a moment in time such as viewing a garden, or it may have been a flower that was given to you by a loved one.

Use words to add context to your scrapbook layouts. This can be done simply using a pen, colored pencils, or by cutting photos or paper into shapes. Just be careful to only cut copies of photographs. Some people even like to journal as the centerpiece and use embellishments around their writing. A worded stamp can also help portray the message you are trying to achieve. Lists can also be utilized.

Colorful pages, shapes, and decorations can make your scrapbook stand out. However, amongst the color, a black and white contrast will really stick out. There are endless opportunities to create the perfect scrapbook, and soon enough that first blank page will become an entire scrapbook.

Chris Price