7 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Desk Setup

Just like having a nice office can massively make an impact on productivity levels, the same can be said for a desk setup as well. The last couple of years has been major for desk setups. You’ll find YouTubers showing off their setup, blogs dedicated to it, and items such as keycaps, which are there to help improve the aesthetics and functionality of a desk. Believe it or not, changing up your desk setup could be a major game changer in how you work.

The cleanliness and the sleek design can help give you the push that you need to go throughout your day. Do you know a great deal in order to create the ultimate desk setup? Do you need to spend a lot in order to achieve it? Not at all! Here are some helpful tips for creating the ultimate desk setup to improve productivity!

Begin by choosing your furniture wisely

The furniture you choose for your setup is going to be so valuable to you. Chances are you’ve heard about ergonomic furniture, and this is far from being some buzzword. Ergonomic furniture is all about helping you out. This includes making you feel comfortable for hours at a time while you sit, ensuring your posture is good and reducing possibilities of pain. Your standard desk and office chair may look nice but it means nothing if you’re constantly physically uncomfortable.

Ergonomic office furniture may be a bit of an investment, but it’s one of the best investments that money can buy. You’ll notice that you physically feel better, no aches, no pains, just comfort. Not to mention, ergonomic furniture does have some aesthetic value too thanks to its sleek-minimalist design.

Choose your desk location wisely

If you have a home office already, great, you have a head start. So where should the desk be placed? Whether you’re planning to use this desk set up for work, gaming, or anything else, you’re going to need to place it near to a window but without blocking the window. The key is to get as much natural lighting as you can. You’ll physically feel better, plus it’s going to shine a nice light on your desk setup too.

So why else should you think about lighting? While natural lighting gives us vitamin D (which is a mood booster), there are other benefits as well.  Let’s say that you create video content in your free time, you’re a vlogger. Many content creators will try to use as much natural lighting as possible. Why? Because natural lighting looks so much better than artificial lighting.  If you want to produce high-quality videos then you’re going to have to have good lighting. But this doesn’t just apply to bloggers and content creators. In general, it’s strongly recommended to have good natural lighting in a space.

Consider getting an adjustable desk

As stated above, the furniture you get is incredibly important. This also extends to your desk too. Getting a desk whose height you can adjust can make a major difference to your posture, comfort, and health. Whether you’re planning to sit for hours at a time or for hobbies, you’re going to need to be comfortable where you’re at. Sitting at a computer for so long is bound to make you feel some aches and pains eventually.

A lot of this can be solved with an adjustable desk. These desks are going to help prevent you from slouching over or hunching back. This is going to give you a much-needed break. These types of desks will have multiple forms such as being able to adjust them from a sitting desk into a standing desk within a matter of seconds. So think about this and put it into consideration when you’re working on your setup.

Think about the style you want

One of the beauties of creating a nice desk setup is the fact that there is such a large variety. Whatever taste or preferences you have, chances are it can be reflected in your setup.  So what type of style do you prefer? Something futuristic with a dash of monochrome? Bright and colourful? Maybe you’re into something Scandinavian and minimalistic? Just make sure to incorporate your own personal taste into your setup as you try and make this feel homely for yourself.

Think about your peripherals

You’re going to want to be wise and choose the correct equipment and peripherals to go along with this. This will include necessary tools such as your keyboard, mouse, and headset (wireless looks best). But you can’t forget about your monitor(s) either. How many do you plan to have? Do you plan to make these vertical or horizontal? How long or big will they be? You need to think about all of these as they will affect your functionality in your day-to-day tasks.

Make sure you keep your setup clean

It’s so important to clean up your home office and this extends to your desk as well. Make sure you put away items that don’t need to be used (to avoid pile-up), clean up frequently, dust off your desk at least once a week,  and keep a little brush handy for all the hard-to-reach spots on your keyboard and mouse. If you clean this up regularly, you’re going to have a much easier time staying motivated and productive.

Add a personal touch

While bringing in your own personal style does constitute adding personal touches to your desk setup, there’s nothing wrong with adding more touches. This can include adding some plants, fun colourful lighting and much more. For example, you could consider decorating your walls with paintings, posters, or prints that complement the desk. This can include adding animated wallpaper, an old fashioned screen saver, or a nice lock screen.  Sometimes, all you need to do is change your environment and make it look and feel better. These interior changes have been proven to reduce and tackle burnouts, while also boosting moods.