Foods to avoid on a first date – spicy curry tops list

A poll of 2,000 adults found spicy curry, spaghetti dishes, ribs and corn on the cob among the top foods to avoid on a first date at all costs, along with oysters – usually dubbed the food of love – and noodles.

Just a fifth of adults would feel comfortable eating messy foods like spaghetti and noodles on a date, with seven in 10 believing there is a fine art to eating them politely.

As a result, almost four in 10 consider how hard a food will be to eat before choosing a meal to eat or cook, while 28 per cent assess whether it will get stuck in their teeth. And almost seven in 10 believe it is important to select the least messy food possible on a first date.

It also emerged that food spillages are Brits’ most embarrassing first date disasters, according to the survey commissioned by Kallø.

TV waitress CiCi Coleman, who has teamed up with the brand, said:

“I have seen a lot of first dates in my time and lots can go wrong – from drink spillages and getting food stuck in your teeth to even your date leaving halfway through.

“It’s really no wonder Brits try and mitigate anything embarrassing happening when it comes to food – especially when they’re cooking at home.

“For me, chicken and rice dishes are such great date options as they’re easy to cook and eat politely – not like slurping noodles and spaghetti or nibbling on BBQ ribs.”

The survey also found more than two-thirds of adults feel nervous when cooking for a new date, as only half consider themselves to be a good chef.

But the average adult would feel comfortable cooking for someone after three dates.

Despite nerves in the kitchen, food is still clearly the way to many Brits’ hearts with 47 per cent revealing their idea of a perfect date is being cooked for.

Top considerations when deciding what to cook include how easy it is to make (54 per cent), followed by how tasty it is (53 per cent) and how long it takes to prepare (44 per cent).

Although almost a quarter admitted to trying to cook something fancy just to impress, more than one in 10 confessed to buying a takeaway and passing it off as their own culinary creation to wow their date.

Risotto, a roast dinner and chicken dishes are the most popular concoctions, but daters would avoid preparing sushi, oysters and noodles.

The study, carried out via OnePoll also found more than a third would be put off dating someone who can’t cook.

Bryan Martins, a spokesperson for Kallø, said: “With more than two-thirds of people admitting to being nervous to cook for a new date, it’s not surprising they’re choosing quick and easy meals for their Valentine’s Day menus.

“That’s why this year, we’re on a mission to help Brits across the UK achieve date success with our delicious stock pastes, which are simple to use but create great tasting dishes.”


1.            A spicy curry

2.            A spaghetti dish

3.            Ribs

4.            Corn on the cob

5.            Oysters

6.            A noodle dish

7.            Chicken wings

8.            Sushi

9.            Seafood

10.          Fajitas

11.          A burger

12.          Sausage and mash

13.          Fish and chips

14.          Burrito

15.          Soup

16.          Pizza

17.          Rice dishes

18.          Tacos

19.          A roast dinner

20.          Stew

Chris Price