Top 30 things Brits don’t get enough of – sunshine tops the list

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Holidays, sunshine and sleep have topped a poll of the 30 things Brits don’t get enough of.
According to a study of 2,000 adults, more than a quarter also feel they never get enough exercise, and one in five would like more laughter in their lives.

Cuddles, me-time and nights out also featured in the list of things people want more of in their lives, along with fun and good luck. Others bemoaned not having more hours in the day, money and confidence.

But 69 per cent believe they get more of what they want on holiday – although 64 per cent haven’t been away for a couple of years or longer.

It also emerged two-thirds of those who took part in the survey believe one holiday per year isn’t enough – with respondents going away twice on average across 12 months.

And 29 per cent now prioritise themselves more following the pandemic, although 56 per cent admit they ‘don’t get enough of what they need’ in life.

The majority put this down to a lack of money, time and work getting in the way of truly enjoying themselves.

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While 57 per cent like to plan holidays far in advance, one in five prefer a spontaneous booking at the last minute according to the OnePoll data.

Yet, the classic seven-night break still rules according to those polled, as this is the number they said provides them with enough of a break.

Following the findings, TUI UK & Ireland, which commissioned the research, has teamed up with celebrity radio presenter Mark Wright to give away the ultimate ‘Vitamin H’ package.

Katie McAlister, from TUI said:

“We all have some things we want more of in life – however big or small. A common theme through this ‘never enough’ list is that these activities are enjoyed while on holiday – whether it’s more culture, me-time, sleep or mindfulness.

“Evidently holidays are when we feel fulfilled and enriched the most. Vitamin H’ (holiday) deficiency is the latest trend to come out of the pandemic.”


1.            Sunshine

2.            Holidays

3.            Sleep

4.            Exercise

5.            Money

6.            Going out with friends

7.            Cuddles

8.            Fun

9.            Fresh air

10.          Laughter

11.          Happiness

12.          Me-time

13.          Relaxation

14.          Hours in the day

15.          Lie-ins

16.          Good luck

17.          Fruit/vegetables

18.          Nights out

19.          Confidence

20.          Love

21.          Family time

22.          Time off

23.          Screen-free time

24.          Freedom

25.          Vitamin C

26.          Water

27.          A bigger home

28.          Mindfulness

29.          Culture

30.          Praise

Chris Price