15 Travel Photos to get in the mood for adventure in 2022

travel 2022
Travel 2022: Children playing in a stream in Bogor, Indonesia. Photographed by Jozef Macak

With travel finally back on the agenda for many of us across the UK, it’s time to start thinking about your next adventure and 2022 travel plans.

To help offer some inspiration, CEWE has released a collection of new images taken by photographers on their travels as part of this year’s CEWE Photo Award. These 15 snaps were submitted as part of the travel and culture category of this year’s competition, which aims to celebrate the best in photography across the globe.

The competition, now in its fourth edition, launched for entries in May 2020 and closed in May 2021, and was open to everyone – from keen amateur photographers to established professionals. Entrants were asked to submit photos which celebrate the competition’s ‘Our World is Beautiful’ theme.

There were 10 categories for budding photographers to enter – from aerial shots and animals to landscapes, travel and culture.

Says Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE UK:

“The travel and culture category always provides some of the most beautiful and standout images as they offer a really unique perspective of the wonders people see all across the world. If you’re looking ahead to your next travelling adventure, these photos are sure to provide you with an array of inspiration.

“We’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s entries to the CEWE Photo Award 2021 and are looking forward to sharing more stunning images from the categories soon.”

An aerial view of a peaceful and colourful Hindu festival captured by Muhammad Amdad Hossain in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Two people release flowers on the river in Quang Ngai, Vietnam as a symbolic gesture. Photographed by Sinh Nguyen Duy.

A fisherman rows into the sunset in Xiapu, China in hope of catching some fish in the quiet of the night, by Lorenzo Perotti.

This glistening starry night is captured by a camper on their outdoor adventure by Stephane Kleeb in southern Morocco.

A street food stand lights up in the night in New York City, attracting passers-by to an array of late-night treats by Markus Nocker.

A gondola makes it way down the river in Venice taking tourists on the scenic route photographed by David Chofardet.

Taking in the scenery on a train ride in Sri Lanka as this young traveller heads to his next destination, photographed by Jonathan Sterz.

Locals gather to buy and sell fresh fruit, vegetables and spices at a floating market in Banjarmasin, Indonesia – captured by Abdul Gapur Dayak.

A picturesque snowy scene captured on a frosty morning in Schwerin, Germany, by Ralph Poschmann.

A group of windmills captured at dusk by Steve Allen in La Mancha, Spain.

Children are at one with nature playing in a stream in Bogor, Indonesia, whilst washing an animal. Photographed by Jozef Macak

Locals attend a spiritual ritual ceremony in Laos captured by Mutin Antoine.

A young traveller waits patiently at the platform in Soest, Germany, for his train to take him on an adventure. Photographed by Sabrina Hugendick.

 Petra is surrounded by candles making it glow in the night captured by Vincenzo Avallone.

The streets of New York surrounded by high rise buildings photographed by Markus Nocker.

For more information about the CEWE Photo Award visit: https://www.cewe.co.uk/cewe-photo-award.html


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