How to Plan an Inclusive, Family Friendly Vacation

Planning a family trip can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of things you can do to make your vacation safer for everyone in your family. Here are some ideas on how to plan an inclusive, family-friendly vacation that is perfect for any age group. 

1) Understand Different Ages 

Understanding what age groups will be joining the trip is crucial before starting any research or booking process. This way, you know who they are traveling with, where they want to go, etc., which will help determine if that destination would be appropriate. For example, taking children under the age of two to Disney World might not always make sense because their attention spans aren’t quite long enough yet for all of the stimulation and excitement that the theme park offers. 

2) Look for Family-Friendly Hotels 

Many hotels offer great amenities geared towards families with young children. These types of accommodation may include kiddie pools, playgrounds, and child care services like babysitting or nanny options. They can also help make your trip more affordable since all the family members will be staying in one place rather than having to pay for multiple hotel rooms if they were not on a family-friendly site. 

3) Plan Activities That Everyone Will Enjoy 

No one wants to spend their vacation feeling bored, so it is important to plan activities that everyone will enjoy. Depending on the ages of your group, this can vary greatly. For example, a day at an amusement park may be perfect for thrill-seekers older than six years old but could be torture for toddlers. Instead, consider visiting a nearby zoo or aquarium, going hiking or biking in a scenic area, or simply relaxing by the pool. 

4) Think about transportation  

If you are not renting a car and will be relying on local transportation, make sure to map out the routes ahead of time If possible check out used cars near me to find a perfect vehicle. This way, there won’t be any surprises when trying to get from point A to B. Additionally, if anyone in your group is prone to motion sickness, bring along some Dramamine or other over-the-counter medications just in case. 

5) Pack Appropriately 

Taking the necessary precautions when packing is key for a stress-free vacation. Make sure to bring sunscreen, hats, water bottles, and insect repellents for outdoor activities. If you are going on a beach trip, pack swimsuits, towels, sand toys, and buckets to keep the kiddos entertained. And finally, don’t forget snacks and plenty of entertainment options like books, games, or electronics for those inevitable rainy days.

6) Don’t Forget the Essentials 

Not having a first aid kit on hand is almost always an easy way for something to go wrong. So instead of leaving yours at home, make sure it’s packed inside your luggage so you can have all the necessary items within close reach. This will help reduce any unnecessary stress and ensure that anyone who gets sick or injured receives immediate care as needed. 

These are just a few ideas that should get you started on family-friendly planning trips where everyone can relax and enjoy themselves!