Opinion: Is Designer Reproduction Furniture Good or Bad?

The reproduction furniture market has significantly grown in the past 10 years, with more and more specialised companies popping up online to sell designer variations. As more consumers are able to purchase these iconic and timeless designs, what are your thoughts on the reproduction furniture market?

Why is replica furniture an important part of interior design? Versatile designs have been used across multiple interior styles, making them a more affordable and great way to create your best interior.

Replica furniture is in high demand for its many benefits, one of them being its timeless design. It is a reminder that designs don’t need to be altered with ever-changing trends.

Good: Replica furniture is an important part of interior design.

These designs have been featured in stylish interiors all over the world, loved by interior designs and other industry-leading names for their versatile and timeless designs. Decades later and the prices have increased extensively making the designs out of reach of a lot of consumers’ budgets.

So why shouldn’t we be able to enjoy these designs? As mentioned previously, the timeless and versatile designs will make it more affordable for homeowners to update their home. As they will have to spend less at replacing furniture, if a good quality reproduction is purchased.

Good: Mid-Century furniture was designed for the masses and made to be affordable

If that was the designers’ intent with the designs, then what has changed? If the purpose of the design was for everybody to enjoy, then why shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy these designs. You could argue that maybe the manufacturing process is so complicated that the prices need to be so high.

But if companies are able to produce the design at less of a price, then why are the original designs so high? Because of the iconic nature of the designs, it is common knowledge that you pay a surplus for designer furniture, clothes, art and more.

Bad: Poor quality reproductions can devalue the designs

You could argue that it devalues the designs, as companies producing them at a low standard allows the designs to not meet the original specifications.

However, not all reproduction furniture is poor quality. Some companies aim is to make timeless design more accessible, but still upholds a value that the designs need to be made well.

High quality Replica designer furniture can be found online, by brands that pride themselves with their designs. Review forums and company bios are a great way to find out more about the company and about their values.

Good: Reproduction designs can slow down everchanging trends

Industries are ever-changing, due to advancements with technology and the increasing consumption rate of goods, trends seem to be everchanging in industries. Keeping designs consistently on-trend slows down the fast furniture industry. It will hopefully encourage designers to look at creating more staple designs for interiors that will be used for decades.

Bad: Constantly emerging reproduction brands are entering the market

Due to the market’s high demand, the industry is seeing multiple new reproduction companies pop up in the market. To the consumer, this might not be an issue as it provides more choice and variation.

To the businesses themselves, it may be hard to perform well when the market is getting more competitive. Meaning that prices may need to be dropped to compete and companies need to do more to stand out. It could lead to brands leaving the industry, due to the issues with the market. How long will it continue to be like this? And will there be a time where reproductions come off the market?