Popular Trends Shaping The Beauty and Cosmetics Industry for 2021

beauty and cosmetics
The beauty and cosmetics industry keeps on evolving and for the better. Although the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the industry, 2021 has received a rollercoaster of surprises, and we expect much more. Many people are now shifting to liquid makeup, natural practices and cosmetic procedures. Again, the ongoing trends are bound to have a significant impact on the industry beyond 2021.

Let’s learn of the popular trends in the beauty and cosmetics industry in 2021:

1. High demand for facial treatments & cosmetic procedures

The world is currently shifting to online video calls and meetings. However, not everyone rejoices in this trend. Most people are now worried about their physical appearance in virtual meetings. As a result, many people are now seeing much information about the cosmetic procedures available. 

There’s a rising need for cosmetic procedures to improve facial and other body parts. With many working from home, most people now prefer multiple cosmetic procedures at once. These include liposuction, wrinkle relaxation, breast augmentation, and more offered at facilities such as Absolute Cosmetic Medicine Albany.

Other sought-after procedures in 2021 include;

  • Lifted brow frames
  • Creative use of Botox
  • Non-invasive facelift
  • Body treatments- Mostly focusing on stretch marks and cellulite
  • Surgical Rhinoplasty

2. Enhanced blue light protection

With the ongoing pandemic, many people are now spending a lot of time indoors. This has resulted in an increased use of technological devices and gadgets. Also, this has led to increased exposure to blue light, which is famous for its adverse effects on human skin. For this reason, beauty industries have started manufacturing products to avert this.

This then makes blue light protection a big trend for 2021 and can only get bigger! And we expect to see new ingredients in skin products going forward.

3. Minimalistic makeup

Minimalist makeup and accessories are coming back and with a big bang! With the increased need for better looks, many people want to look beautiful even when not wearing makeup. 

Still, busy schedules make it harder for many to follow makeup and beauty routines. And natural skincare practices are now the buzzwords. Many people seek ways to stay beautiful daily without makeup, which is why minimalist makeup routines are making a comeback.

4. Anti-bacterial hair products

Believe it or not, there’s a rise in anti-bacterial hair products in 2021. Most companies are now manufacturing safer hair products such as anti-bacterial shampoos, sprays and moisturizers. Why is this so? The products are expected to combat bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms and offer maximum protection all day.

5. Natural hair

Times are changing, and many people are worried about hair loss and damage. Also, many are happy to maintain the natural look while saving some money. It’s evident then that many are now staying away from hair straightening and curling tools and shifting to hairdryers.

Final thoughts

Beauty and cosmetic trends keep on changing, and we are in for more surprises. With the increased need for enhanced looks, cosmetic procedures are popular than ever before. From facelifts, breast augmentation, and wrinkle relaxers, indeed, we can’t be sure of what the future will bring.