What Are Really the Most Effective Ways to Lose Weight?

When you want to lose weight you might feel inclined to try a crash course diet as you want to achieve results as quickly as possible, but essentially you need a little patience and determination to succeed. It can be all too tempting to follow the
latest fad diet on Instagram by a supposed fitness guru, who makes various claims about a quick and effective way to lose weight. Everyone is different, and what works for one person might not be effective for someone else. So it is about finding a solution that works well for you. 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Sometimes you might be inclined to think that you are hungry but your body is actually craving water instead. Ensuring you drink enough water each day is an important foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Before reaching for a sugary snack, try drinking some water instead first to see if this makes a difference. Drinking water before your meal is a good way to ensure you are hydrated enough and can even help you from eating an excessively large meal. 

The benefits of water consumption are. 

  • Reduces headaches and migraines
  • Improves memory and mood
  • Helps maintain a healthy, functioning body
  • Keeps your bowels in good working order
  • Replenishes your hydration levels during physical exercise 

Try Not to Eliminate One Food Group Completely

The ideal diet is one that combines all five of the food groups. This is made up of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins/minerals, calcium and healthy fats/oils. If you eliminate one food group completely you are denying your body the opportunity to absorb this important nutrient. It is also going to make you want this particular food group even more if you eliminate it because you think it is bad. The only time you need to eliminate a certain food group is if you have an intolerance to it, otherwise it is good to still incorporate it into your meals. 

Exercise More Than You Eat

It seems obvious but if you are burning more calories than you are consuming then this is going to help you lose weight more effectively. Including exercise into your regime along with good food habits is going to help. Reducing your intake of unhealthy, processed foods and instead incorporating all the elements from the five food groups along with consuming water will help. You will be nourishing your body prior to and after physical activity with the correct food groups. 

Portion Control

The more you fill your plate the more you are likely to eat. It can be useful to use a slighter smaller plate and fill this up as opposed to using a large plate which is only partly full. This can help with your portion control if you find you tend to eat lots of large meals. Keeping track of the size of your portions will help you manage your calorie intake and is better for weight management (1).

Going Under The Knife 

In more extreme cases where you are severely obese and have tried dieting but to no avail, there is the option of gastric sleeve surgery to help you lose weight. It is a procedure where the size of your stomach is reduced which will effectively cause you to eat less as you will feel fuller, sooner. 

This is usually applied to those who have a BMI level of 35 or more and suffer from at least one obesity-related illness (2). It can help you lose an excessive amount of weight which could be life-threatening if you are struggling to shift your current weight. A professional would advise you accordingly on whether this option is suitable in your circumstances and how you would need to maintain a strict diet prior to and following the procedure. 


Overall you need to find the correct exercise regime that works for you along with a nice balanced diet, combining all the healthy nutrients that your body needs. Along with a good intake of water and keeping an eye on portion control this should hopefully help you lose weight. Of course, if you suffer from any medical issues it is always advisable to get professional guidance on what to do next and what will work best in your circumstances. It is easy to compare yourself to other people but you need to focus instead on what works best for you. 

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