A guide to getting a career in eSports


Getting a job doing something that we all love and will feel as though we are not working is the ultimate aim for many around the world.

Many youngsters will hope to achieve the ultimate dream of becoming a professional sportsperson, whilst others will have dreams such as being able to make a difference, such as working in the emergency services. Indeed, there are so many different professions available, that choosing one can be rather hard at times.

Rise of eSports

The rise of eSports and the growth that it has undergone in recent years has made it another industry that is extremely popular with those looking to find or carve a new career for themselves. The industry has become so popular, that it has already attracted many as the growth potential available is immense; the market was valued at just over $1.08 billion in 2021. There are a number of major sportsbooks that already offer a range of esports betting markets, whilst also having a presence in the world via forms of sponsorships, thus showing how big it has become.

Along with its increase in popularity, there are many gamers around the world who harbour hopes in forging an esports career for themselves. A smart thing to do is build a strategy using tips from players who made it. Check out a comprehensive e-guide to get you started. 

Of course, talent is going to be a main factor in helping players to achieve their dream and ambition, but here are some other ways that getting a career could happen.

A number of different eSports jobs available

There are so many different jobs available within the eSports sector, although with the money floating around that is likely only going to increase in time. Most will want to be the star of the show and be ‘Player One’ but one way of getting in the door could be to reach out to the eSports teams and players already established in the scene, and ask for a work placement of some kind.

Whilst a full-time role is desirable, there is the possibility to try and get some work experience and work up the ladder by making an impression that would be impossible to ignore. By doing this, the doors of opportunity in the eSports industry could be unlimited.

Alongside the work placement, those unfortunate enough not to receive one could look to get involved by volunteering their time. Although it might not always be a popular method for some, it can undoubtedly lead to some potentially great networking opportunities, as well as the possibility of being considered in the future for a role that may be created at a later date.

Standout with a niche skill

As mentioned, the eSports scene is incredibly competitive, therefore being able to get a career in the industry can be incredibly tough. However, there is still a way in which an individual can break away from the crowd and even potentially create a role for themselves.

By finding a niche market that nobody (or few people) has excelled in, individuals will increase their chances of being hired and obtaining an eSports career. If you are able to provide skills in a different way to what the eSports business already has, then they would have to consider, as opposed to having the same skills that people already have and where they do not require any more.

Educational route

With the popularity of eSports continuing to grow, there have been a number of educational institutions such as universities which provide courses that cover the industry. For those tho want to have a career in this field and can afford (or have the time) to go to university, this could be the best way in obtaining a career in eSports.

The programs offered would generally provide you with all the information needed about the industry, whilst it could also help to build networks and help break that glass ceiling that may exist for those trying to break through into a new sector.