YouTube for schools brings educational videos to the classroom

youtube-schools.jpgIn schools children love to watch videos and take part in activities that appeal to their senses much more than just staring blankly at a dull teacher who talks in a monotone voice at the front of the classroom. Obviously teaching practices have come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, with laptops, computers, big interactive boards, Skype and plenty of one-on-one interaction.

However, YouTube is hoping to enhance that experience even more with YouTube for Schools, a new network setting for YouTube, which only gives teachers and pupils access to the proper educational stuff, so they’re not distracted by cat videos and silly comments.

So in other words YouTube is taking away all of the fun stuff. Great.

Although it seems a little boring so much will be stripped out, if the new setting gives kids access to video they wouldn’t normally be able to look at during school hours then it’s a very good move. Although there’s all kinds of dumb, silly, time-sucking stuff on YouTube, there’s a whole wealth of content that’s fascinating and will bring a bit more life to the classroom in the future.

[Via the YouTube Blog]
Becca Caddy