How Have Video Games Evolved Over the Years?

Video games have come a long way since when they first became available to the general public. They have been with us for so long, and they are now better than ever before! Let’s take a look at the evolution they have gone through so far.


One of the major changes we have seen has obviously been in the realm of graphics. One needs only look at some of the older video games such as Pong or Tetris and you will see the simplest of graphics that would no doubt have still looked completely mind-blowing at the time.

Nowadays, consumers want crystal clear graphics that perfectly deliver an image none too dissimilar from the real world. 3D modelling has moved forward in amazing leaps and bounds, and there are still improvements to be made.

Of course, not every game uses these high-end realistic graphics. There is still, however, a demand for quality. Therefore, you will frequently find that even indie games have a unique aesthetic that has been worked on to ensure that the graphics will appeal to customers.


To play games once upon a time, you either had to have a console in your home or you would head down to the arcade to play. The advancement in consoles and the widespread introduction of household computers has since made it much easier for us to game from home.

We have since seen many adaptations in home gaming technology. Various handheld consoles have risen in popularity and then become obsolete. Likewise, there have been many updates to classic consoles such as the PlayStation, and computers of course get more and more sophisticated with every year that passes. In addition to this, the development of smartphone technology has made it easy for anyone to play their favourite games, whether they are headed to a casino online or trying out the latest viral app.


Finally, the mechanics of games have vastly improved. Though basic platformers still exist and prove to be popular, there are games across all genres that constantly come up with new mechanics to thrill their players.

Even games within a single series will improve massively between each release. It is a testament to the work of the designers that they want to and deliver new mechanics and features that players fall in love with. Though some fans of a series might find one game that they adore and stick with it, there will always be those willing to explore the next instalment too.

When you compare the oldest video games to the newest, the difference is really quite astonishing. The quality and capabilities of these games has only gone up – and this is very much the start! We have seen so many amazing video games get released over the past few decades. With the rise of virtual reality and other types of gaming, who knows what we might see hitting the market in the coming years!