10 Steps to a Conscious Beauty Regime

As consumers are becoming more aware of the impact the products they buy has on the environment, more people are moving towards the idea of conscious beauty. Popular brands are releasing new ranges of beauty products with an environmental focus, whether it’s recycled packaging or vegan ingredients. There are also many eco-conscious brands that make products with a minimal environmental impact. It’s not only about the products you buy, however, but there are also ways you can change your habit and attitude to follow a more conscious beauty regime. 

Consider more eco-friendly brands

The first thing to do is to shop more consciously. Rather than sticking to the brands you know, try branching out into some new eco-friendly options. Look at the label and find out whether the product is organic and has been approved as environmentally-friendly. Consider the packaging as well. Many brands nowadays offer refillable or recycled packaging in order to reduce waste.  Check out brands such as Last Object zero waste online store that offer both a sustainable alternative and recyclable packaging.

Take your time

The slow beauty movement is about being more mindful in your approach. Take your time when choosing new products and don’t wait until you’ve run out before you buy something new. Select products carefully and read some reviews online. Social media is a great tool. Do your research into the brand you’re considering and find out in what ways they are taking an eco-friendly approach. If you’re more mindful about your beauty regime, you’ll realise that you don’t need half the products your buying, and you might end up saving money as well. 

Reduce waste

If you want a zero-waste lifestyle, your beauty regime is a great place to start. There are many alternatives to avoid excessive packagings, such as shampoo bars and refillable bottles. You can find many shops that offer zero-waste options, or otherwise, you could order your products online. Try to reduce waste by avoiding plastic and look for recycled packaging instead. If you can find somewhere to refill your bottles this is the best way to reduce waste. You can keep old tubs and other containers as well and get these refilled. Many brands offer this option and you can even ask in your local hairdresser’s if they sell refillable shampoo, conditioner, and other products. 

Take a minimalist approach

Conscious beauty is also about minimalism. As well as reducing waste, you could consider lowering the number of products you buy. You could also look for multipurpose products. Keep your beauty regime simple and once you’ve found a brand or product you like you won’t need to buy unnecessary things. If you stick to one cleanser and moisturiser, you’ll find you don’t need endless serums and creams on your shelf.

Sustainable tools

Think about the tools you use as well as the products. There are plenty of brands that make things like eco-friendly makeup brushes from sustainable materials such as bamboo. Avoid using one-use items such as face wipes and pads. You can actually buy washable cleansing pads that are reusable or you could get creative and repurpose old household items such as clothes and fabric. You could also invest in a stainless steel razor rather than opting for disposable ones.

Consider other alternatives

There are plenty of ways you can take care of yourself that don’t involve buying products. You could consider more permanent treatments such as neck lift surgery, or change your habits for a healthier lifestyle. Stay hydrated and avoid getting too much sun, and your skin will look fresher for longer, for example. Facial massage is another effective beauty treatment, and remember to relax and get enough sleep. You could try stress-relieving activities such as meditation or yoga. Certain lifestyle changes can also help you look and feel better. 

Recycle used products

There are actually many available options if you want to recycle beauty products. Often brands have their own campaign and offer incentives to customers that recycle their products when they’re finished. Certain brands offer a free gift as a reward, for instance. If you buy a product that isn’t right for you you could also consider giving it to a friend or donating it to charity. Always take care when throwing away packaging and separate all recyclable materials. Remove lids and clean out any recyclable containers. Once you get the hang of this it won’t seem as time-consuming. 

Avoid harmful ingredients

Look at the label for ingredients to avoid. Petroleum derivatives such as paraffin, propylene glycol, and ethylene are some of the major culprits. Also, look out for microbeads and microplastics which are harmful to the environment. These have been banned in many countries because of the damage and contamination they cause. It’s better to opt for more natural ingredients and organic options.

Natural beauty

Try buying products that use natural ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter, and vegetable oils. There are also plenty of brands that only use safe, natural ingredients. You can check the label to find out if a product is vegan or organic or do some research online beforehand. Here are some of the best natural makeup brands. Marine extracts and algae are good ingredients to look out for. They actually convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and have many properties that are great for your skin.

Spread the word

Why stop at your own beauty regime? If you’ve made the change to conscious beauty you could inspire others to do the same. Post about it on social media and spread the word about sustainable brands and products. Share tips and tricks online about how to have a more eco-friendly beauty regime. You’ll be able to make a difference and do your bit for the environment.

In a few steps, you can change your entire beauty regime and make it more sustainable. By taking the time to think about packaging, ingredients, and trying new products, you can reduce waste and your carbon footprint. Personal grooming is a big industry and many brands are becoming more eco-conscious, so it’s easier now more than ever to follow a more conscious beauty regime.