Do FL-41 Glasses Really Work?

A lot of people are suffering from migraines daily. Unfortunately, only a few of them are aware of the means to block certain wavelengths from triggering conditions. People having constant migraines suffer to the extent they are unable to use full wattage light bulbs or even be outdoor. In a nutshell, people are deprived of normalcy in their lives. 

However, for decades now, medical research has recognized the importance of FL-41 glasses to fight against photophobia and light sensitivity. 

What are FL-41 glasses?

Before we get any further, it’s important to understand the uses and importance of FL-41 glasses?

Think of FL-41 glasses as a special kind of eyewear tint designed to help people with light sensitivity. This type of eyewear is also recommended for people with conditions like migraine, post-concussions, and other light sensitivity conditions.

FL-41 glass was discovered in the 90s. As part of a research study that examines how glasses coated with “Fluorescent 41” tint might help alleviate children with migraine symptoms and overhead fluorescent lights.

How Do FL-41 Glasses Work?

The lenses of these glasses are tinted with about 80% of FL-41 block., a majority of blue light. The blue light is often within the spectrum of 490 to 520 nanometers.

However, the blue light as a result of clinical research has proven that certain wavelengths can trigger and complicate light sensitivity with people suffering from migraines. The exposure to the light will likely hurt the eyes and the brain. It can also cause other illnesses like dizziness, vertigo, anxiety, and many more.

Benefits of FL-41 Glasses

Some of the benefits of FL-41 glasses are:

  • It alleviates headaches for people suffering from migraines
  • It reduces migraine symptoms.
  • These glasses reduce sensitivity to the lights. and provide
  • FL-41 glasses make fluorescent lights and other kinds of light bearable to the eyes.
  • Other photophobia/light sensitivity conditions: Although, FL-41 glasses were purposely made for those with migraine-related light sensitivity. There are dozens of known conditions associated with constant light sensitivity and photophobia. Also, you don’t have to be diagnosed with headache disorder to feel relief from the FL-41 tint glasses.
  • Finally, people suffering from attention deficiency, head/eye injuries, epilepsy can all benefit from the FL-41 glasses.

Medical Research Timeline on FL-41

We’ve defined FL-41 glasses and pinpoint some of its beneficial features. However, you might be doubting if all the assertions are true or it’s just empty hype. Hopefully, the following timeline on medical research carried out FL-41 will change your mind.

  • The 80s: Medical research was carried out at Birmingham and Midland eyes center. The researchers examined the effectiveness of FL-41 lenses (Blue-tinted and brown-red) on a group of 20 children diagnosed with migraines. At the end of the day, both lenses frequently reduce the migraines of these children.
  • The late 2000s: Prior to the late 200s, Dr. Bradley Katz believed that the FL-41 could be improved. His inspiration led to the new discovery of cells in the eyes, which contribute to the study of photophobia.

However, in the late 2000s, he altered the designs of the lens making them rose-hue and lighter. He also carried out research using the new lens on patients with blepharospasm (BEB). A condition that caused involuntary squeezing of the eyes. The experiment showed positive results. As the patients see improvement in their condition and squeezing of the eyes rapidly decreases. 

  • 2010: Doctors at Harvard University carried out research on migraine and all other kinds of headaches. From their findings, they figure out the effect of light on blind people and those suffering from migraines. The doctors also buttress the assertion that FL-41 could reduce migraines. 
  • 2016: Dr. Bradley Katz keeps improving the FL-41 lenses. His new lenses can help block harmful rays without distortion and darkness. 

Today, different medical researchers continue to work on the improvement of FL-41 glasses. And many suffering from migraines and using FL-41 continue to serve as living proof that the lens is an effective migraine treatment. That the hype is all worth it. Please note that Fl-41 glasses can only reduce migraine symptoms. It does not cure migraines.


Oftentimes not everyone suffering from migraines suffer alike and have the same symptoms. While testing your FL-41, it’s important that you don’t neglect other ways to reduce your migraine symptoms.

In a moment, we’ll be looking at the ways you can reduce migraine symptoms apart from FL-41 glasses.

  • Steer clear of food with nitrates, processed food, and any other food that you can trigger and aggravate migraine symptoms.
  • Refrain from caffeine and alcohol substances.
  • Diffuse peppermint and lavender essential oil in your room through the aromatherapy process.
  • Yoga and meditation help.
  • On a final note, keep track of your triggers and symptoms to have better insight into your migraine. 

Where Can I Get FL-41 Glasses?

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