Say I Do To The Wedding Guest Look With These 10 Top Tips

Watching friends or relatives tie the knot is an immensely exciting experience for any wedding guest. Better still, when it’s not your wedding, you can actually enjoy the big day without months of preparations. Nonetheless, there is one source of potential stress: your appearance.

While all eyes will be on the happy couple, no wedding guest can afford to get their beauty and attire wrong on the big day. Finding the balance to look presentable without stealing the spotlight or looking like one of the chair covers can feel like a daunting task. With the following 10 tips at your disposal, you won’t go far wrong.

#1. Think Color Scheme

Even if you look amazing in white, there’s nothing worse than a guest that could easily be mistaken for the bride. Different women suit contrasting color schemes due to size and natural skin tones. Still, pastels and jewel tones are among the most common. If you can suit the surroundings of the venue and the atmosphere of the big day, your dress or outfit will be a big hit.

The color scheme you pick should probably match up to the seasonal climate too, which may dictate whether to wear floral tones and other patterns. For evening weddings, reds and camel tones may be deemed more suitable.

#2. Consider The Time

Appreciating the time is crucial for many reasons. Aside from color scheme guidance, it may dictate whether to opt for a formal evening gown or a more casual attire. Of course, the style of wedding invitations and the venue selection can provide further insight. No wedding guest wants to feel as though everyone is looking at them due to sticking out like a sore thumb. If worried, play safe.

The time of day and year should also determine whether you need a jacket or decide to wear a longer dress. Shivering in the cold or sweating in the heat is not a particularly great look. And it will leave you feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable. Avoid it.

#3. Unleash Your Smile

A winning smile is a key attribute for building a great look for any occasion but feels even more vital on special events. Clip on veneers are the perfect way to achieve an aligned and white smile. It avoids the time (and money) needed to complete more traditional oral corrections. Yet, it will deliver the same level of enjoyment as you’ll gain a friendlier and more confident appearance.

The best thing about this step is that the rewards can be felt long after the wedding day itself to enhance your quality of life. Given that it will have an influence on the look of your makeup and fashion choices on the big day too, it would be a huge mistake to ignore this feature.

#4. Know Your Hair

Great hair, don’t care. It’s an old cliché, but there’s no doubting the impact that a winning hairstyle can have on your overall look. Finding the best hair color to make your look pop, along with a style to define your face will work wonders. Like a winning smile, this is a feature that’s sure to deliver a significant boost to your confidence levels too.

It’s now possible to test out potential hairstyles before making a commitment through the power of augmented reality. Whichever style you choose, be sure to pick one where adjustments can be made with ease. After all, a few bobby pins may come loose over the course of the day.

#5. Master Subtle Makeup

Special occasions like weddings are the perfect moment to embrace the makeup tutorials you’ve learned over the years. After all, you’ll want to look better than you do on an average day at work or around the home. Once again, though, you won’t want to overshadow the bride. A few subtle tips that unlock a confident glow should suffice.

Smooth foundation application and contouring will give you a good platform to build upon. A little eyeshadow to match your dress and lip liner to define that winning smile are ideal additions. Practice a few days before to avoid any unnecessary stress or panic on the big day.

#6. Accessorize

Good accessories will bring your wedding guest outfit to life. Understanding how to rock a hat that works with your outfit could be the best option on your agenda. Meanwhile, choosing the right clutch bag can have a telling impact on the overall look. On a side note, having tissues handy to wipe away the happy tears will allow you to maintain your perfect appearance.

Your look won’t be complete without the right choice of accessories. They should be selected to complement the outfit. Still, it’s worth keeping accessories in mind when hunting for the perfect dress or pants suit. Otherwise, finding the right combination can become immensely difficult.

#7. Pay Attention To Underwear

While your underwear will only be seen in a nightmare situation, overlooking this part of your attire is the worst thing you can do. It’s not essential to buy new underwear for the event, but you may want to. If nothing else, this is a chance to ensure that you have been correctly measured. Ill-fitting undergarments will harm your posture and comfort. And it will show.

The style of bra you choose will naturally need to match your dress or outfit too. Showing off bra straps might not suit the ambience of the occasion. Get this right and it will remove a potential source of major embarrassment. And you’ll be in a better frame of mind to handle your aunt’s boring stories too.


#8. Use Your Hands

Aside from the ceremony, weddings are all about catching up with friends and mingling with new acquaintances. Body language will play a key role and your hands are at the center of it all. Therefore, a pedicure can restore your confidence. Other nail art options can be used to match your outfit and bring a range of esthetic benefits.

Jewelry is another good way to make a better statement, with rings and bracelets standing out as the main choices. Either way, pretty hands will increase your sense of beauty without screaming for attention. For that reason, it is the perfect solution. 

#9. Don’t Forget The Reception

Looking great during the ceremony is one thing, but you must not forget the reception. A change of footwear isn’t a tip that should be restricted to the bride. Dancing the night away in high heels may put huge restrictions on your enjoyment. Therefore, packing some flats for the reception can be a very wise move indeed. Not least for the sake of preventing trips and falls.

Some guests even take a spare outfit, especially if they are staying at the reception hotel overnight. This also gives you the chance to wear a pastel outfit in the afternoon followed by a luxury evening gown in the night. That way you’ll get the best of both worlds.

#10. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Finally, regardless of your outfit and beauty ritual choices, a good night’s rest is vital. Exhaustion will severely hinder your look whereas being well-rested aids the skin, hair, and nails. If you are staying at a hotel, investing in a good nighttime routine should be one of the top items on your agenda. This should be preceded by organizing your items for the morning. Or else it’ll play on your mind. 

Finally, you should set your alarm so that you have ample time to get ready in the morning. Rushing around will send stress levels through the roof. Frankly, that’s the last thing you need.