Polaroid launches Mandalorian camera and film

Polaroid Now: Mandalorian camera
Polaroid, in collaboration with Lucasfilm, has launched an exclusive camera and film to celebrate the Disney+ live-action Star Wars series, The Mandalorian.
To create your own adventures inspired by The Mandalorian, Polaroid has redesigned its latest analogue camera, the Polaroid Now camera, with special-edition Polaroid film.
The special collector’s edition range includes The Mandalorian-themed Polaroid Now instant camera and The Mandalorian-themed Polaroid i-Type Colour Film featuring the Child.
Cased in colours and textures inspired by the Mandalorian’s armour, the special-edition Polaroid Now camera is reminiscent of Beskar steel adorned with the titular character’s design details. The Polaroid Now camera also features the latest analogue technology with autofocus, double exposure, self-timer, and a dynamic flash. 
Partnering The Mandalorian Polaroid Now camera, the Child-inspired i-Type film features eight colour photographs from the limited-edition frame designs. There are 12 frames to collect in total. Each frame displays sepia, purple, or green oil slick iridescent tones that are emblazoned with characters and symbols from the series.
The Mandalorian Polaroid Now Instant Camera RRP £129.99 
The Mandalorian Polaroid i-Type Colour Film RRP £16.99 
Chris Price