Take control of life’s admin. Top 8 tips for getting on top of things

Find yourself with plenty of time on your hands as a result of lockdown during the Coronavirus pandemic? Maybe you just want to take control of life’s admin while you have the chance. 

According to a new survey of 2,000 adults, two thirds of us admit to getting a sense of achievement, fulfilment and calm, simply from completing simple admin tasks. However, a lack of time and forgetfulness means 34 per cent hardly ever get around to completing household tasks such as personal banking, accounting and sorting the bills.Others blamed their struggle to get through life admin on being too tired (22 per cent), work getting in the way (13 per cent) and not knowing where to start (13 per cent). As a result, when we do finally manage to get something done, 31 per cent admitted to feeling a sense of achievement, while 16 per cent even feel fulfilled.

Chris Price