Online Slot Addiction Problems: Signs and Symptoms 

Gambling has been around for centuries. It can be seen as harmless fun or a hobby that can spiral out of control.  Some people even label themselves as professional gamblers and these individuals take it all to another level. 

In recent years gambling has moved to online platforms and exploded in popularity. This is mostly down to the fact that it is more accessible than ever before with new slots sites emerging and the public can now bet at home anonymously. 

Another major draw are online casinos and they have proved to be a colossal hit around the globe. There is a huge number to choose from and all you need to access them is a computer or mobile device that can hook up to a reliable internet connection. 

Slots have always proved seductive to people ever since their introduction back in 1895. In fact, slot games are now the most popular section of online casinos and revenue from them continues to increase year on year. 

With hundreds to choose from and the games being more sophisticated than ever before, a decline in this market any day soon is unlikely. 

Unfortunately, there have been victims of this slot craze and the media is awash with stories of individuals becoming addicted to them. 

Losing Control 

It is very easy to lose control in a society full of temptations. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, shopping, or gambling, addiction can cause serious problems. 

It is thought that when you gamble your body releases adrenaline and dopamine floods the brain.  Players can literally get a high from gambling and especially from spinning those reels, as each spin produces more and more anticipation. 

Apart from these chemical factors, environmental influences can also lead to addiction. These include stress, depression and bereavement. 

All these conditions create emotional problems and people can turn to gambling for a quick fix to hide from them 

This form of escapism only offers temporary relief and the need for the buzz to be repeated again and again creates compulsive behavioural patterns. 

Signs that you are getting addicted to online slot machines vary with each individual. However, common factors include the need to gamble with increasing amounts of money to get a rush. 

Lying to conceal the fact that you are gambling. Continuing to gamble even when you lose continuously. Spending hours online playing slot games, instead of completing chores or working. 

Constantly thinking of gambling and ways to get money to pursue your addiction is also very common.   

Symptoms of slot addiction include restlessness and irritability when not gambling. Anger that you cannot control your behaviour and feelings of distress that accompanies financial problems. 

Help At Hand 

The good news is that all online casinos offer responsible gambling tools such as deposit limits, self-exclusion and session time reminders. 

They also have software such as Gamstop that can be downloaded. This blocks all gambling site access from your IP address. 

Gamble Aware is a leading charity that offers individuals help and is well worth contacting. With help at hand, you can beat your addiction once and for all.