Snap introduces Snapchat Cameos for looping videos

Snapchat CameosSnapchat Cameos are launching on the social media platform next week. With Cameos, you become the star of short, looping videos which you can customise with your own face.

Starting 18th December, they’ll roll out globally where you’ll be able to find them in your Chat sticker bar. If your friends have also set them up, you’ll see options featuring you two together – the ultimate duet.

And, many can include your own text so you can write the script! Snap are starting with 150, available on iOS and Android, and will be adding more each week.

Says a Snap spokesperson:

“From Lenses to Bitmoji and everywhere in between, we’re always building fun new ways to express yourself in the moment. Now, we’re unveiling another feature to bring your conversations to life: Cameos!

“Cameos make you the star of your own short, looping videos that you can send to friends in Chat. Whether you’re feeling excited, exhausted, or just want to say hi, you can find the perfect Cameo for the moment. You can even customise the captions for certain Cameos to make them your own.”

To get started, just tap the Cameo button in your Chat sticker bar, take a selfie, and choose a scene you’d like to jump into. If a friend has also set theirs up, you can even co-star in two-person Cameos together.

Here’s how to get started with Snapchat Cameos

Create Your Cameo Selfie

To make and send Cameos, you have to first take a selfie. You can change your selfie later, or clear it.

To take your Cameos selfie…

  1. Open Chat 
  2. Tap next to the Chat bar and tap at the bottom 
  3. Tap on a Cameos tile and take a selfie 
  4. Choose if you’d like to enable two-person Cameos  

To change your selfie…

  1. Open Chat 
  2. Tap next to the Chat bar and tap  at the bottom 
  3. Tap on a Cameos tile and tap ‘More
  4. Tap ‘New Selfie’ to take a new one 🤳

To send Cameos to a friend…

  1. Open Chat 
  2. Tap next to the Chat bar and tap at the bottom 
  3. Select a Cameo to star in. You can make two-person Cameos if your friend has it enabled
  4. Tap ‘Send’ to share with your friend ‍

Pro Tip 

  • You can choose from different Cameo categories at the bottom of the screen. Type words or phrases like “hey,” “yes”’ or”‘lol”’ to search. 
  • You can preview a Cameo by selecting  the one you’d like to view, tapping ‘’ and then ‘View Full Screen.’
  • To save Cameos from Chat, press and hold and tap ‘Save to Camera Roll’ 
Chris Price