Top 5 things you absolutely have to do when visiting Australia

Australia may be famous for its wild animals like the Kangaroo, which is usually the biggest attraction for tourists. But it is also home to exquisite beaches, some of the best-urbanized areas for backpackers, and also one of the most unique natural beauties you can find in the modern world.

In this article, we will be giving you tips on the top 5 activities you absolutely have to do in order to say you truly experienced what Australia had to offer.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the most fun you can have in urban areas.

Bar-hop in Sydney

If Aussies like anything, it’s their alcohol and nightlife. Sydney is one of the best places to experience the authentic Australian night out. Due to the concentration of the bars in the central streets of Sydney, bar-hopping could be one of the best things you could possibly do to understand how the country’s young like to spend their weekends.

But here’s the catch. It doesn’t have to be a weekend. No matter what day you go to a bar in Australia, it’s guaranteed that you will find 3 or 4 groups of friends enjoying their pints and being as loud as possible.

But that’s exactly what you should be looking for. A talk with loud and friendly Aussies is probably the best souvenir you will be taking home once your Australia trip is over. But you need to be aware of one thing. It doesn’t matter what kind of drink you choose to go for, you will have to wash it down with a beer in order to truly enter Aussie society.

Be careful with bars that have live sports broadcasting 24/7. Drunk Aussies tend to be quite emotional about their teams, especially at night.

Experience Melbourne entertainment

Melbourne should always be your second destination after Sydney. In fact, first going to Sydney, then to Melbourne and then to Perth is usually what people like to do.

But the best way to do it is to start with Melbourne, experience the tons of entertainment options the city has to offer and go up north through the eastern coast and experience both the city and the wonders of Queensland’s beaches.

Anyway, how can you have fun in Melbourne? Well, the first thing that anybody who has traveled to this city will tell you is that you should definitely look into one of the casinos.

Thanks to the new Australian law, people are prohibited from spending too much at one go in casinos, so you’ll be protected even if you’re confident in your responsibility.

Things such as real money blackjack casinos for Australia have been blowing up in terms of popularity for Melbourne locals. However, as weird as it may sound, a large majority of daily visitors tend to be very responsible for how much they play with.

Therefore, it’s not likely that a local player you may meet at one of the venues convinces you to play more. In most cases, they will ask you to stop right there and go have a pint together.

It’s almost like a culture in Melbourne nowadays, so experiencing it yourself is a much better way to use your vacation time than viewing the process in a movie.

Visit the outback

The Australia outback is probably the most popular natural area in the country. It has been mentioned hundreds of times in Hollywood movies that we’ve all watched and featured in thousands of documentaries about both flora and fauna.

However, many people think that it’s just a desert that has nothing much to see. There is some truth to it, that it’s an extremely vast area of land with very little to show for it, but this is exactly where you’ll get to see things such as the Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) which is a large sandstone monolith. You may even experience seeing Kangaroos and Emus.

Although it’s a long trip, you’ll definitely have enjoyed it by the time you’re finished.

Take a stroll on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is arguably one of the most popular beaches in Australia. It’s considered to be the location of multiple luxury hotels.

It’s also a great location if you’re a fan of Hollywood movies considering just how many studios were used for movies such as Thor, Pirates of The Caribbean, Aquaman and various other popular films.

Some of the studios still remain and act as great tourist attractions for those who enjoy watching these movies.

But, if you’re not very keen on looking at a few studio set-ups, then the location has you covered with amazing beaches that just scream luxury.

Take a cruise to New Zealand

Although it sounds like cheating, telling you to go to New Zealand when you’re looking for things to do in Australia, we can’t really stress just how much more you’ll see in terms of natural beauty in New Zealand when compared to Australia.

Sure, Australia has amazing beaches with sometimes tropical locations, but when it comes to mountainous beauty, it simply can’t even come close to New Zealand.

I mean come on, how can one trump the location fro the Lord of the Rings.