What You Need to Know for Teeth Whitening Done Right 

Your teeth are critical to how you wear your smile and they can significantly impact your confidence when speaking. People who feel their teeth aren’t white enough tend to worry about their appearance so much that they become timid when around people.
Tannbleking is an excellent solution for those in need of whiter teeth.

Your teeth need cleaning before whitening

Teeth cleaning is essential before whitening. Although there are several teeth whitening agents in the market, going to an expert is critical. This way, your teeth can be cleaned as required for better results. A professional will also look at the state of your gums.

If your gums are bleeding or inflamed, it is best to steer clear of teeth whitening until they heal. This is because teeth whiteners are safe on the enamel but harsh on your gums. The gums are vulnerable when they are not in perfect health. An expert in teeth whitening will ensure your gums are safe as he or she works on your teeth.

Teeth whitening varies from one person to another

If you want to get your teeth to be as white as your friend’s, it is important to note that the shades of teeth vary. Yours may not be as white as your friend’s, or it may turn out whiter. The density of teeth determines how white it will get when whitened. 

Teeth have micropores, similar to the pores on the skin. People with dense teeth have closed pores, while those with more porous teeth have more open pores. More porous teeth tend to whiten better than teeth with closed pores. Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine if your teeth are porous or not. 

How long your teeth remain whiter depends on the product used

There are many whiteners in the market. A dentist will examine your teeth and recommend a treatment that is likely to have the desired impact. Some of the whiteners will help the teeth retain the whiteness for a couple of weeks, months, or even years.

It is essential for you to discuss the options available so that you know what to expect from the various whitening agents. This serves as a guide for you to choose one based on price and how long it is expected to last. The thing that will matter the most about your teeth is which dentist you choose to use. You want to attend whitesdentalcare.com.au to learn more about teeth whitening, but the dentist that you use is going to care for your teeth beyond that first whitening treatment, and it’s vital that you choose the right team to look after your teeth the whole way. You may need more than one dental treatment, and that’s perfectly normal! You may need several whitening treatments to get your teeth looking exactly the way that you want them to. The right dentist will do more than just whiten your teeth, too. They’ll talk you through how to care well for your teeth when you’re at home and teach you which food and drinks to avoid while you are trying to lighten your teeth. Speaking to the right dentist also ensures that you are getting the very best whitening treatment and not generic bleach!

Discuss teeth sensitivity with your dentist 

If you have sensitive teeth, they are likely to become more sensitive after whitening. Temporary sensitivity is expected after the process. It is difficult for one to tell how vulnerable your teeth will become. It would help if you asked your dentist to recommend desensitizing treatments that will help you cope when your teeth are painful or sensitive. This period of discomfort is temporary. 

It is crucial for you to discuss your intention to whiten your teeth with your dentist as early as possible. The dentist will guide you through the pre-whitening activities, which includes giving your teeth a thorough clean. It may be necessary for you to do this a few weeks before you use any whiteners. Getting the right guidance will ensure you whiten your teeth at the time you wish to, and you may also get the chance to reduce teeth sensitivity to reduce the discomfort after the treatment.