Chairnology: Furniture Tech For The Modern World

It’s no secret that designers and companies have been clutching at straws when it comes to choosing which devices need to be made smart.

There are refrigerators which can browse the internet, mirrors which can recommend what to wear, and speaker systems which can have a conversation with you. Of course, though, there is a side to interior design which a lot of people ignore when they’re thinking about technology; furniture. So, what exactly can technology offer when you’re buying your next sofa or table?


Magnets aren’t a new thing, with refining the materials to make them for a long time. Microcontrollers, like Arduinos, haven’t been around for long, though, and these devices offer a tremendous amount of utility when coupled with a few extra components, a magnet or two, and a table. Using sand and a metal ball on top of the table and the magnet and electronics beneath, patterns draw seemingly without any outside interaction. Products like this have been hitting the market for a long time, and loads of people have made examples of their own, making it easy to find a guide or two.


Technology has long been an intruder in the world of interior design. With large bulky items which need plenty of airflow, it can be hard to design these items in a way which makes them look attractive. Times are changing, though, and the lines are blurring between furniture and entertainment tools. LG, for example, have long been producing a Signature line of televisions. These products are expensive, but will blend into any home, with the latest example folding away into a bench like no other TV before it. There are countless examples of this sort of technology making it into homes.


One of the key reasons for interior design is to create a comfortable space. If technology should be helping with anything, it’s definitely this side of these items, and this is something which a lot of companies have been taking on board. Rise and recline beds, for example, are great for those with limited mobility, but can improve just about anyone’s sleeping experience. With the power to adjust your posture while in bed, you could make you entire life more comfortable. You can find other furniture offering similar features, giving you the chance to make your home into a technologically driven luxury space. This will take a little bit of investment, but it will be well worth it.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of melding technology into the furniture you have at home. A lot of people struggle with this, finding it hard to create a space which incorporates all of the devices they want, while maintaining a style which matches their preferences. There are loads of blogs around the web which can help with this sort of work. Of course, though, if you need inspiration, places like Instagram and Pinterest are usually the best places to look.