The Only Bicycle in the World Built for 550 Pounds

Zize bikes are arguably the best bikes for big guys. Customers who have used these bikes have nothing but praise for them. Zize’s brand strength comes from the passion and commitment of the founder, Joan Denizot. 

Joan’s main goal was to make bikes that are safe for big guys. Joan, a plus-size woman, came to realize that there was a gap in the market when it came to bikes for heavy people. That’s when she decided to make them, and in 2005, Zize Bikes was born.

The company has over the years cut a niche as the only bicycle in the world built for 550 pounds. That’s not hyperbole. To understand why the Zize Bike is the best, let’s analyze some of its core features.

1. The frame

Zize bikes frames are made of chrome-moly steel tubing. This is the same material that is used in making airline frames. This should give you an idea of the strength of these frames. It’s the kind of frame that inspires confidence when riding, no matter how much you weigh.

After all, if the frame structure can handle the weight of an aircraft, then it should be able to handle a few hundred pounds. Besides its strength, Zize Bike’s steel frame is flexible and lightweight, making the bike comfortable to the rider.

2. The  brakes

For big guys, the biggest fear when riding a bike is brake failure. That’s because, if the brake pads are weak, then the person’s weight would negatively impact on their functionality. This is not something to worry about when riding a Zize Bike.

That’s because, Zize Bikes don’t rely on the conventional pad attached to a caliper design. Instead, these bikes use disc brakes. This allows for comfortable braking at any speeds. It’s a brake system that instills confidence in a plus-size person who is into bikes.

3. The seats

The bike seat is one of the biggest challenges for plus-size individuals. When the bike seat is not strong enough, it starts to wriggle and this can be very uncomfortable for big guys.

With Zize Bikes, you will never have to deal with such challenges. That’s because, the seats installed on these bikes are taken through thousands of hours of tests. On top of that, to keep the rider comfortable, Zize Bike seats are integrated into the post, a revolutionary approach to bike seats.

4. The tires

Any plus-size person who has ever ridden a normal thin-tire bike knows that it’s an unpleasant experience. The tires start to flatten and it gets worse when riding over rough surfaces. Zize Bikes take care of these issues and help give big guys a smooth ride.

These bikes have wide tires, with 15 gauge spokes. These are super strong and would not even fit into standard bikes. On top of that, the tires have Slime sealing, which protects them from going flat due to the rider’s weight.

All these features ensure that plus-size people enjoy a smooth ride over all surfaces. It’s everything that plus-size bike enthusiasts would ever ask for. Clearly, it’s the only bicycle in the world built for 550 pounds.