A Show Offs Home

A show offs home is definitely one to be proud of. A show offs home explains itself. It’s a home that’s so perfect to you, and one that you’re so happy with no matter what, that you can’t help but show it off to other people.

But getting your home to this point isn’t going to happen overnight, and there are so many things that you’re going to have to do to get yourself happy with it.

It might even feel like you’ve got a mountain of things to do to try and get your home to a show offs style of home. Even then, you might still wander around picking out all of the things that you wish you had different. We think a lot of it is to do with home envy, and the more you stalk social media pages, the more envy you’re going to get.

So, rather than focusing on what everyone else has got, you’re going to have to focus on what you haven’t got that you really want! There will most likely be a list far too long to count, but if you can pick out some of the main things that you’re looking for, you’ll soon have a home that you feel you’re ready to truly show off.

Usually, people will walk round the home and you’ll say ‘ignore the mess, or we’re not finished with this room yet’. Well enough is enough, so here’s how we think you can get a show offs home!

You Want To Show Off Something Exciting

If you’re going to have a show offs home, you’re going to have to think about having something super exciting to show off. It has to be something that’s going to make you say wow, and everyone that comes in your home as well. To do that, you’re going to have to go big or go home.

One addition to your home that’s super exciting, and that we’re loving at the minute, is a home cinema. A home cinema is the perfect addition to any home that’s lacking a bit of jazz at the minute. But having a home cinema doesn’t meant that you have to be super rich to be able to have one.

You could easily convert your spare room into a mini home cinema that’s just perfect for a couple of people. Or perhaps you have a big garage that you only use for storage. This is the perfect area to create a home cinema that will fit you and a few friends.

It’s just something you don’t find often in homes, and you assume that only celebrities and rich people can afford. But if you check out the prices, you might actually be surprised as to how much they are to install. Once it’s in your home, it’s in there and ready for you to use for years to come. If you ever think about selling in the future and you have a home cinema you’ll be setting yourself up to make a nice amount of profit in your home!

Fixing All The Loose Ends

You can’t show off a home if you have so many loose ends playing on your mind. It’s all well and good making the exterior good, and only changing the things that you know people will notice, but if you have things ticking away in your mind that you know need fixing, it’s just going to ruin it all for you!

So, the common smaller issues that people have are things like squeaky doors, dripping taps, and lights that don’t work. You wouldn’t believe how long people leave issues like this before they decide to do something about it, and we’re bet you’re the type who leaves it until the very last minute to sort.

Well luckily for you, if you experience any of the minor issues that we’ve just mentioned, they’re so easy to fix, and you can do them all. For your door handle, it might be as easy as taking the handle off and putting some oil around the joint. If that doesn’t work, then a simple handle change is all you need to do.

Minimal tools and effort are required to do something like this, and you can find plenty of Youtube tutorials to talk you through it. We hope we don’t have to explain how to change a lightbulb, but this is a five minute job that will take a stress from your mind. As for the dripping tap, it might be best if you get a plumber in to check it out. You don’t want to have to deal with a bigger problem, and they can check for anything you might be missing.

Big Changes That Everyone Loves

If we’re talking about a show offs home, then it’s the big changes that everyone seems to love. We’re thinking about little renovations that could not only increase the pride that you have in your home, but also improve the value of your home.

But don’t go thinking you have to knock down and rebuild parts of your home. You could go for a simple bedroom renovation, and all you’d have to do is take everything out, and put something new and different back in. Of course, you could think about doing something more drastic, such as a bathroom renovation. This is really going to suit you if you feel like your bathroom is old and outdated, and you’ve actually hated using it for a while!

The Social Space To Die For

If you’re going to show off your home, you’re going to have to have the perfect social space. For us, this is outdoors, because your garden deserves just as much credit as the rest of your home. Now, to do this, we think you should have the perfect decking area, with the most luxurious cushioned outdoor furniture. If your really want to be the show off, you should think about getting an inflatable hot tub for the evenings. They’re really not as expensive as you might think!